Me: ( I looked at the caller at the same time turned and looked at AY and Ttech then went outside to answer the call)
Uncle: where are you?
Me: am on my way home
Uncle: rush home and make food ready, we are having a visitor this night.
Me: OK sir.
After the call, I switched off my phone. I don’t want to have anything to do with bblondon at the moment. I went inside to inform my master planners about what my uncle authorized me to do. We gisted for about 5 minutes before I went home.
After preparing the food, I arranged my uncle’s food and the visitors to be precise, I switched on my phone because I was expecting my uncles call. I dashed into the bathroom to prepare for my night vigil. I was in the Shower when I had my phone ringing tone. I couldn’t go and check the caller because of the water all over my body. I Ignore the calls until I was done. I checked the caller who happens to be Ttech. I had to call him back to know what the problem was all about.
Me: Ttech baba how far
Ttech: am cool bro. I just wanted to tell you about the work we discussed the other time.
Me: yes, I still remember, I am planning on going to the company after my school on Monday.
Ttech: that’s OK, I had they are removing the vacancy post by Wednesday. So try and make on that Monday.
Me: thanks bro, is AY still around?
Ttech: yes, he is sleeping
Me: my regards to him. Am still preparing for the night vigil.
Ttech: oya pastor rely, future E.A Adeboye.
Me: nah so bro, don’t worry I will deliver you and AY very soon.
Ttech: see Satan talking about deliverance. Deliver your self first.
Me: OK, talk to you later, someone is knocking on the door, let me check who is that.
I ended the call and went to open the door. I saw my uncle with one beautiful tall lady, in fact my eyes was fixed at her backyard. I locked the door after series of glancing at her backyard. I went to meet my uncle to inform him about my intention of going to night vigil. He didn’t disapproved it since it was church issue. I do like his idiosyncracy when it comes to church matter. I left his room with my eyes still focus on the frontyard of the visitor.
I searched for my bible for almost 20 minutes but I couldn’t find it until I lifted my bed up and saw it inside. I picked it and checked my time, it was already 9:15pm. I went outside and look for a byke man who charged me 250 naira because it was already dawn. I highlighted in front of the church. The church was so big with different colors of light around it. A lot of noise and shout was coming out from there which made me believe that they have started prayers.
As I stepped into the door, one of the ushers on duty directed me to my position, I sat down and said some prayers before standing up to join them on their general prayer. About 5 minutes into the prayer, the pastor ordered everybody to sit down. We did as he instructed, he started preaching which lasted for about 25 minutes before he ordered us again to stand up for another round of prayer. He asked us to hold our neighbors hand that we are going to pray. I turned beside me. I found out that my neighbor was a guy of about 24 to 25 years old. He grabbed my hand without wasting of time.
We began to pray. I started firing pray, I was praying, i dont even bother if he was praying or not. As I was busy praying, I noticed that the guy was romancing my hand gently. I opened one of my eyes to glance at him to know what was going on. I found out that the guy wasn’t praying at all, he was busy staring at me. I opened the remaining eyes to see clearly maybe one of the eyes was deceiving me. I stoped praying and looked at him, immediately, the guy leaked his lips in a sexy manner.
Me: what!!! In church!! I cover my bumbum with the blood of holy ghost.


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