lfeoluwa: uncle Rely Good afternoon
Me: Ifee I have told you not to call me uncle, even if I should senior you, the age gap won’t exceed 3 years. I prefer Mr Rely if you can’t call me by my name.
Ifeoluwa: (looked at her mummy) OK Mr Rely good afternoon
Me and her bursted into laughter before i set in motion to what brought me to the office
Me: madam you sent for me!
Madam: yes I do, sit down
Me: ( sat opposite ifeoluwa)
Madam: since you came back from east, we haven’t talk except on phone.
Me: yes ma
Madam: anyway, I just wanted to see you at least to know how you are doing.
Me:(staring at ifeoluwa) thanks very much ma, I appreciate.
Madam: yes, before I draw a blank, we have choose next two weeks Monday as the day five of our students are going for I.T. so prepare your self before then. By next week Friday, your names will be pasted on the notice board.
Me: wow, that’s tremendous, so I will soon be a computer graduate.
After the long conversation, she gave me 1000 naira to buy Jellof rice for her. I was about stepping out of the door when ifeoluwa appealed to go with me. We both left the office together.
Ifeoluwa: I noticed the way you were looking at me in the office, why such look?
Me: nothing, I was just admiring your beauty. That’s all
Ifeoluwa: eeehn, and you mean thats all, nothing more to it?
Me:(look at her eyes) what if I say there is something more to it, what will you do?
Ifeoluwa: and what will that be?
Me: I will disclose it to you but not now
Ifeoluwa: I don’t like that idiosyncracy..just pour it out now am eager to hear it.
Me: am sorry, that will be some other time.
After buying the food, we returned to the office to deliver it to her mummy. It was already 3:30pm and other students have left the school remaining me, my madam and her daughter ifeoluwa. ***It is time to go home***.
I told my madam of my intention of going home. She offered me to stay a little bit longer with them but I let her know that it was time to take a bow. Ifeoluwa offered to see me off but her mummy didn’t buy the idea. She gave me 500 naira for transport as I was about living.
I transported my self to Ttech place. I met Ttech and AY playing Grandtheft Auto Vice City on Ttech laptop.
AY: bro how far?. How was school today?
Me: I thankGod bro…Ttech what do you have in the fridge, am thirsty.
Ttech: malt is there..
AY: rely, tunji was telling me about your outing with Elizabeth on Sunday. That you bleep four girls including Elizabeth.
Me: what do you expect. should i live them untouched? No, thats fuckup man. I have to give it to them real hard.
AY: omo you try ooo…after Ttech nah you ooo…I still dey learn work be that.
Me: bro the truth is that I nearly die. Especially that one called Stella, nah she wan useless my life there, her [email protected] is fucking sweet. I be wan die on top her.
Ttech (laugh) you for die nah, Shebe you dey bleep, you wan do like me. Let me burst your brain now, as I dey so eeehn, I fit handle seven girls at a time without shaking.
AY: oloshi, look at who wan handle seven girls, you go just die like chicken.
Ttech: rely how far your night vigil today; you still dey go?
Me: wait ooo…today nah Friday?
AY: no, Friday kee, nah Sunday. After Elizabeth and her friend don finish your brain, how you go take remember.
Me: chaii.. I don’t forget Gan…
AY: thats how you forgot your phone here in the morning
Me: seriously, and I have been looking for it in the school. ThankGod is here that I forgot it. Hope I don’t have any miss call…
Ttech: Elizabeth has called more than 10 times with one number like that.
Me: which number kwanu…
I unplugged my phone from the charger, located my dialer. I saw miss calls from Elizabeth and another number which happens to be the same number Bblondon used to call me during my stay in IMO state. I was still contemplating on whether to call the number back or switch off my phone when my phone started ringing.
Me: ( I looked at the caller at the same time turned and looked at AY and Ttech then went outside to answer the call)
WHTCH OUT FOR EPISODE 5 Who do you think was calling…?

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