I starred at the school notice board. I was happy seeing my

name clearly written along side with two other guys. At last

am going down to lekki to Cruz life a little bit. I Turned back

to take a look at the girls who was shouting among them

self about the names. They belived that a girl name

supposed to be included. Anyway, that’s their on cup of tea.

I believed my master planners will be happy for me. If not

for one thing, atleast for being the best in the school.

I remembered the state of AY”s health yesterday. He was

really not feeling fine. He got a running stomach. He was

using the toilet as if someone wants to snatch it away from

him. I stylishly left AY house yesterday because of the smell

of his defication. Though he droped his crap inside the toilet

but still yet the smell over Shadowed the atmosphere within.

I nearly got running stomach too, but I had to excuse my

self. I thought of calling him on phone to check on him and

tell him about my good news.

AY: hello bro

Me: how is your body now.

AY: am fine now, am free from the toilet issue.

Me: thank God, hope you have eaten?

AY: yes, I tried …

Me: get well bro… I want to tell you that I will be moving to

lekki next week.

AY: I trust you bro.. I no you will be selected.. Congrat.

We chatted a little bit longer on phone before I promise to

come and see him when am back from school. I also called

Ttech to inform him about the good news. He was happy for

me. He demanded the presence of me and AY in his

domicile around 6pm to celebrate it. He mentioned of calling

Mahreey_bee to come and cook for us. I was very very

exited, not only that am the first person in the hole school

but the fact that am going to start working in a big company

with big people.

I imagined how the company will look like, how my own

office will look like. I even practiced on how am going to

answer my customers. After a little pondering, I decided to

call Ifeoluwa to tell her.

Me: hello baby

Ifeoluwa: hi sweetie

Me: guess what

Ifeoluwa: you wanna come and see me

Me: not that; am moving to lekki next week.

Ifeoluwa: wow.. Am so happy for you, in fact come over to

my place, I have a surprise for you.

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Me:( my joystick woke up instantly) what could that be?

Ifeoluwa: is a surprise…

After the call, I became restless, I was eager to see Ifeoluwa

atleast to collect last merriment. I decided to put Stella on

phone before going down to my madams house. After telling

Stella about my nomination, she requested to see me next

tomorrow being Sunday. She disclosed to Me how desperate

her daddy is to see me.

After the call with Stella. I tried calling Elizabeth but her cell

phone was switched off. No way to reach her, so I had to

took a bow and found my way to Ifeoluwa domicile. I was

on my way when I got a direct message from Ifeoluwa which

reads ” the door is open, don’t bother to knock, just come

upstairs to my room.” I had to arrange my joystick very well

so that it won’t soot out of my buzzer inside the commercial


I got to her place around 11:30pm. The main gate was

open. I entered inside the compound, the door leading to the

sitting room was open, I entered without locking the door.

Everywhere was calm and quite. I moved upstairs still

thinking what the surprise will look like. Finally, I got to her

door. Still yet everywhere was still quite.

I pushed the door forward. Immediately I started hearing the

sound of music from her room. I entered the room, I found

Ifeoluwa lying on the bed. She was putting on only pant. It

looks as if her boobs got bigger this time. My joystick was

already hard, just waiting for the war moment. She stood up

from the bed, moved closer to me and give me a romantic

kiss. She tickled my two nipple before leading me to the


She brought out two ice cream, handed one to me and held

the other one on her possession. She feed me the ice cream

by her self before removing my shirt and then my trouser. I

was left out with only buzzer with my joystick sooting out

like an iron rod. She went on her kneel, romanced my

joystick which was still under my buzzer. At this point, I was

feeling as if my joystick is gonna cut.

She went on to pull my buzzer down which reveals my

erected joystick. She poured the ice cream on my joystick

then dipped it in side her vocal. She continue pouring the ice

cream as she suck the hell out of me. I grabbed her to


boobs, placed my joystick at the middle and went on to

bleep her boobs. I grabbed her on her A$$, threw her on top

of the bed. I mounted on top her to give her man on top


After some time on man on top style, I grabbed her two laps

then carry her up to my chest level. I used one hand to insert

my joystick inside her [email protected] to bleep her on woman on air

style. Her big boobs was busy bouncing on my chest as i

jark her up and down.

I opened the door with my left hand, using the right her to

carry her. I took her down to the staircase where I dropped

her A$$ on the step then mount my joystick from behind.

This style was giving both of us the real merriment. After

eating her on the staircase, we both stoop up, kiss,press and

finger our way to the dinning table downstairs.

I remembered that I didn’t lock the door, but I overlooked it

because no body gonna coming in at this hour. Her mummy

was in school arranging for our movement next week and her

daddy wasn’t in the country. She is the only daughter, so we

are not expecting anyone.

She climbed on top of then dinning table, then kneeled down

and positioned on a doggie style. I climbed up on the table,

slapped her A$$ three times before mounting my joystick

inside her [email protected] I was spooning in and out so fast. I was

eating her so hard while she was shouting in a very high

manner.I couldn’t help it but to spoon her more.

I was bleeping her in a doggie style when the door opened,

me and Ifeoluwa jumped up in a surprised manner. I nearly

fell off the dinning table. I was trying to regain my balance

when I heard Ifeoluwa voice.

Ifeoluwa: (shout) Mummy!!!

Me: ( turned back immediately to see for my self) Am



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