I went up stairs to help my madam out with what ever the

problem might be. I saw my madam wearing only rapper,

which covers only half of her boobs and shows off her laps.

My madam has this special way of seducing me. It was as if

I was brain washed. I was trying to calm the konji spirit

inside me but my joystick keeps on rising.

Madam: rely please I wanna shift this table to that corner.

Me: OK ma.

After shifting the table to the destination.she has entered

inside bathroom this time. I tried going downstairs to the

sitting room but the door was locked. She locked her room

door before going inside the bathroom. I had to sat on her

bed to wait for her to come outside the bathroom. As I was

busy thinking of what will happen next, my phone started

vibrating on my pocket. I brought it out and it was from the

same number Bblondon used to call me. I got worried

because of her call. I didn’t pick until the third time.

Me: hello blessing

Bblondon: my husband

Me: am not your husband please..

Bblondon: why are you like because I love you that’s

why you are playing me.

Me: you said you love me? If you love me as you claimed to,

why did you take my passport to the native doctor.

Bblondon: because I don’t want to loose you. I really love


Me: rubbish, I don’t love you again, is it by force, you are

now married, why can’t you concentrate on your family and

live me alone. Why are you tormenting me nah. If you truly

love me as you claimed, then live me alone and face your

family please..

Bblondon: rely, I can’t live you for any other girl. I want you

to be the father of my children..

Me: God forbid, me the father of your children?


Bblondon: yes nah, anyway, thats not why I called you!

Me: why did you call?

Bblondon: do you remember what I….

Me: ( I had a sound in the bathroom) Bb I will call you


I ended the call and switch off my phone to avoid her call.

My madam opened the bathroom door wearing another

rapper. This time, the rapper was showing part of her A$$.

My joystick was dam hard and ready to strike. I told her that

I wanna go down to the sitting and wait.

Madam: don’t worry, you will go down, that’s after helping

me to rub my cream on my back. You will do that since

ifeoluwa is not around.

All I was hearing inside my head that moment was “time to

bleep, time to bleep, time to bleep”. My madam brought out

her cream, handed the quantity she wanted me to rob on her

back to me. She loosed her rapper, the pulled it down on the

floor. Her booty and her boobs was showing clearly. It has

been quite long when i touched them last. Seeing all her

cleavages, I lost control.

My eyes was already red not to think of my joystick. I

robbed the cream on my two palm, then place it on her

back. I robbed it down to her A$$ when I notice her hand

moving towards my joystick. Right now, I don’t even know

whether am robbing cream or am pressing her A$$. I

squzzed her booty so tight that’s when she has the courage

to locate my joystick which was still inside my trouser.

She turned back and faced me, she placed her two hand on

my head, then draw my head to her big booby. I grabbed the

two boobs and suck them one after the other. She loosed

my belt, pull my buzzer down then pour some cream on her

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hand and robbed it on my joystick. I was grooming and

panting as she was robbing the cream on my joystick.

After some seconds, she dipped my joystick inside her vocal

cavity, she Sucked it together with my two table tannis ball

underneath my joystick. I dipped my hand inside her punny,

she was already wet. I can feel some juice coming out. I

tickled her [email protected] and at the same time squzzed her boobs.

I kissed her before moving her to the bed. She layed on the

bed to give me woman on top style.

I mounted my joystick inside her [email protected] I started eating

her. I was going in and out. I spooned her for some minutes

before trying to change the style. I lifted her up, kissed her

as we move towards the television.

she placed her two hands on the television, then bent her

back down to give doggie style. I dipped my equipment back

to her punny. This time she was groaning and shouting as I

was given it her real hard. I spooned her in front of the

television not less than eight minutes before I dragged her to

the bathroom.

I made her sat on the WC. I dipped my joystick inside her

vocal cavity, she started given me a blowjob which last for

about 3 minutes. I lifted one of her leg to my shoulder to

give me one leg up style while she placed her two hand on

the wall to support her balance.


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