I rushed out of the bathroom because I had the ringing tone of my cell phone. I wore a smiley face immediately because I was thinking the call might be from the company. Unfortunately, it wansnt from the company rather it was from ifeoluwa. She hasn’t allow me to rest since I accepted to be in a relationship with her.*** I pray her mom should not misunderstand both of us.***
Me: hello ifeoluwa…
Ife: can’t you just be romantic for once. Must you call me by my name.
Me: ook, how are you sweetheart
Ife: now you come, am fine baby and you?
Me: am ok..
Ife: what are you doing?
Me: nothing, just trying to take my bath
Ife: can you come over to my place now, am feeling bored.
Me: what about your mom?
Ife: she just went out now.
Me: OK, I will soon be there..
*** i hope this girl will not lead me onto some predicament***. I went into the bathroom back to wash away the remaining soap on my body. I wore my tight buzzer to hold my joystick so tight because I never trust that pencil. I searched all my pocket for transport money but I only managed to see #200 which can’t take me to her place. I don’t like asking her for anything especially money. I took the #200 and went outside to enter a bike that can take me to her place.
All the bike I stopped requested for #350 to take me there. I stood there for almost one hour pleading to any bike my that came across me. I got tired at a point and I decided to put ifeoluwa on a call to tell her that I can’t come because of insufficient transport fare.
Ifeoluwa: hello baby, are you at the gate?
Me: I don’t think I can come again
Ifeoluwa: why nah, I have even prepare food for you
Me: all the bike people are requesting for #350 but I have only #200 with me.
Ifeoluwa: is that the problem? You should have let me know about it. Make sure you open up to me when ever you need anything?
Me: OK.
Ifeoluwa: now enter the bike, when you get here call me so I can come and pay him.
I stopped another bike man who agreed to carry me for #300. I got to her place around 2:30pm. I pleaded to the bike man to exercise patient while I put ifeoluwa on a call. Not less than 2minuts After telling her that I have arrived, she came out side wearing bom short and a black singlet. She paid the bike man and we watch him as he drove away. She turned to me and give me a tight hug, she was trying to give me a kiss when I made it known to her that we are still outside the compound.
I held her waist as we match inside together. I always like the smell of their house. The decorations and the arrangement of the house is forever attractive. I was trying to sit down in the sitting room when she said to me!
Ifeoluwa: rely you cant sit here oo.
Me: why..
Ifeoluwa: because your food is in my room. We have to move upstairs so you can eat your food.
Me: why not bring it down here? there will be heat upstairs.
Ifeoluwa: there is light, I will on a standing fan for you baby.
Me: (*** setan go behind me, God please don’t allow this girl to return me back from where I was coming***).
I kept hearing one particular voice in side me telling me to go upstairs that nothing will happen.
We both moved upstairs together. Her room was very beautiful and sexy. I saw many banners of ladies wearing only bra and pant pasted on her wall. Her plasma TV was tuned to Sound City channel. I took a look at the music playing on the TV, it was Anaconda by Nikki Minaj. My joystick wasn’t at rest as I saw those bloody A$$ in the music video. The food was positioned beside the bed. I sat on the bed, open the food to know exertly what was inside. It was pepper soup. I downsized it immediately without any second thought.
After eating, we both concentrated our mind on the TV, the music sound city was playing at this point was very very erotic. I was trying to control my joystick but it kepts on sooting out. I was busy battling with my joystick when she told me that she wanna twerk for me. I told her that am not interested but she didn’t listen to me. She bent down in front of me, Move one of her butt up then followed by the other side.
I was trying to take my face away but the konji spirit inside me has overcome the holy spirit in side me. I don’t know how she notice that my mood has changed. She stood up and push me down on the bed, then held her bom short to unbutton it.


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