I was enjoying the shower when Abimbola opened the door and enrolled her self inside. I turned immediately, I saw her dressed on white transparent top which shows of her red bra, at this point in time, my joystick was already hard.
I picked my towel, round it on my waist to cover my erected joystick.
Me: baby I thought I told you to wait for me.
Abimbola: for what, can’t I see you why bathing?
Me: you can but not now. Just wait for me in the sitting room please.
She went out of the bathroom in a aggressive manner. After bathing, I dressed up and join her in the sitting room. She served me my food which i enjoyed eating, she is a good cook anyway.
After some minutes of gisting and cracking jokes. She moved closer to me, peck me on my fore head before she decided to place her mouth on mine.
Me: hey baby, am sorry I can’t do this now.
Abimbola: what is happening, why cant you do it.
Me: you know am tired right now. I need to rest.
Abimbola: OK let’s just do small please.
Me: next time baby, am really feeling cranky.
Abimbola: rely let it not be what am thinking ooo..because if It happened to be….
Me: so what are you thinking?
Abimbola: don’t ask me
After some long argument, I saw her off to her street before returning home. I was on my way home when I had a call from Stella.
Me: hi baby, longest time
Stella: how are you doing..
Me: am doing just good. I have been waiting for your call since all this while.
Stella: Eyaa, my phone got spoiled, so I just got a new one from my dad. And why can’t you call me since you didn’t see my call?
Me: am sorry dear, I was out of call card, am really broke this days.
Stella: Eyaa, OK let me see what I can do after this call.
Me: thanks baby girl.
We chatted on phone for some minutes before she hanged up. I went home straight. It was already 8:05pm. I remembered that I promised to give ifeoluwa a call. I dialled her number 4 time but it wasn’t connecting until the fifth one.
Ifeoluwa: hi baby
Me: what did you just call me now.
Ife: baby nah, is it bad?
Me: is not as if is bad but I don’t want any problem between me and your mummy.
Ife: just forget about my mummy, she won’t do anything.
Me: so how are you
Ife: am not fine, since you left the school this afternoon, I haven’t been my self. I have been thinking about you since then.
Me: ifeoluwa, I didn’t say you shouldn’t think about me, but it won’t happen. It can’t work between us. If your mummy founds out that we are having affair, she won’t find it funny.
Ifeoluwa: so you are afraid of my mummy right.
Me: yes, because I don’t want problem.
Ife: remember I am the only child, whatever I say, that’s what my parent will do.
Me: ife, is beyond what you think
Ife: you know what?
Me: what is that?
Ife: am going right now to tell my mummy about my feelings for you.
Me: hey, don’t try that rubbish, you are going to complicate the issue. OK am going to think about it. I will tell you my answer tomorrow.
Ife: Ok, I will wait..
The call ended around 8: 35pm. I went to put on the generator, I was returning back to my room when I had my message tone. I picked my phone and check what the message was all about. I found out that it was a message from Stella. She sent a recharge card for me. After am done recharging it, it was a card of #750. I was surprised, i immediately put her on call to thank her for the card.
After the call, I arranged my bed, then read my bible and prayed before resting my head on my bed. I slept of with the thought of ifeoluwa roaming inside my head. Anyway, let’s just call it a day.


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