Ttech: (whispering to me inside the car) do you see what I was telling you, this guy has money to spend. If you can cool down and play this game, we will make a good furtum out of it.
Me: Ttech you failed to understand something, this is not the rely you know before, am now a new man. I don’t suppose to be doing this. After today, am backing off.
Ttech: you must be joking.
Me: shebe you gat A$$, don’t worry go ahead and give it to him. I promise not to be jealous.
Ttech: no problem, when we get back we will discuss.
Me: nothing to discuss on this. Am done with this game after today
Dom G: (watching us from the mirror) hope there is no problem.
Ttech: not at all.
Me: Ttech what if this guy ask me to follow him home after the outing.
Ttech: I have a plan for that.
Me: what’s the plan?
Ttech: immediately we are about to finish with our food and other things. I will excuse my self to the toilet and put you on a call.
Me: then what are we going to be discussing on phone.
Ttech: that doesn’t matter. After the call, tell him it was your mom, that she ordered you to come home immediately. With that, he can’t force you to follow him home. Then promise to come and see him tomorrow.
Me: are you deaf, I said am out after today.
Ttech: I have had nah. Just do what I said.
Me: OK.
Ttech: before that, open your phone now and change my name to mom.
Me: why
Ttech: listen before asking stupid questions. You will change it so that when I call you, he will see the name as mom and not Ttech. That will make him believe you. Make sure to place the phone in his front so that he can see the call when it enters.
Me: my real master do you always get all this your bad ideals?
Ttech: live matter jare.
We got to one eatery spot at computer village Ikeja side. Dom G ask us to order what ever we want. I order fried rice with Turkey lap while Ttech ordered jello rice, chicken lap, suya and peper soup. I stared at him as he was ordering his food but he gave me a look saying ” keep quite oga, there is money. Better order your own and enjoy, for me, I have not even started ordering, this is just the begging “. I left him to meet Dom G where he was sitting.
We were in the middle of our diet when Dom G called for my attention.
Dom G: is this guy your brother?
Me: yes he is
Dom G: I mean your blood.
Me: yes he is. Why do you ask.
Dom G: nothing, is just that you guys seems to be different. What about my last question.
Me: what was the question? I can’t remember
Dom G: I asked you if you can cope with me.
Me: I don’t still understand
Dom G: OK… Can you be my boy friend?
Me: ( look at Ttech; he was busy closing one of his eyes signifying that I should say yes) there is no problem at all.
Dom G: wow thanks baby I love you.
Me: I love you too
Ttech: (cough) *** I looked at him and he gave me a thumbs up.
Dom G: I will like you to come and see my place this night
Me: ( look at Ttech and he noded for me to say yes) OK no problem.
We continued our eating till 6:30pm. Though we are only sipping our juice drinks. Ttech excused him self to the toilet. I already understand what was going on. I removed my phone and place it on the table.not less than 5 minutes Ttech left the table, my phone started ringing. I checked the caller and it was from my mom.
Dom G: your mom is calling
Me: ( pick the phone from the table) hello mom
Me: am not around now.
Me: OK ma, am coming right away.
After the call ended, I told Dom G what my mom said. He was angry and insisted that I should follow him home. I promised him to be in his house the next day. I was still telling him that I will be around in his domicile the next day when my phone rang again. It was from AY this time.
Me: hello bro..
AY: put that phone in loud speaker.
For AY to tell me to put the phone in loud speaker, I already know that something is about to happen. I set my phone in loud speaker.
AY: what’s your problem? Are you stupid? Are you not the one mom called now to come home. If I did not see you at home in next five minutes, I will surprise you. Idiot. Common get out of my phone.
He ends the call without allowing me auter any word.
Dom G: is that your brother?
Me: yes
Dom G: I think you should be going home now, I will come and pick you tomorrow.
Me: thanks, I love you.
Dom G: I love you too baby, order something that you can take home.
Me: OK baby.
I was going towards the counter when I saw Ttech coming to the counter.
Ttech: (asking the attendant) please do you guys have the full set of pizza.
Me: set of pizza kee, do you know how much it cost?
Ttech: what’s you problem? Are you the one paying? Better enjoy your life when still can.
episode 11…..

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