Me And Abimbola – Season 2 Episode 9

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☆☆It has been two weeks gone and I haven’t had a word from bblondon nor a call either. I guess my virus message worked. I stretched my self and headed straight to the bathroom to prepare for school. The friendship between me and Ngozi is growing too deep. People have started wondering if we are dating or having any affair. Though nothing has happened between me and Ngozi, but I know very sure that It will happen so soon. I got to school around 9:15am, I was told that our teacher wasn’t around. I had this little excitement inside me because I wasn’t ready for any class and as well I was very hungry. I should have eating at home but there was no food so I had to pray for heavenly manner. I tried calling Ngozi to bring food along with her when coming to school because I observed she was yet to come. I died her number but it was switched off. I taught of meeting our madam to lend me some money to buy food but I lost the courage to do that. When my class mate noticed my presence, they started asking about my wife.

 this one you are alone, your wife have not come?

Me: who is my wife?

 stop pretending, Ngozi of course, who in this school is blind to see that; there is something going on between to of you

 please, nothing is going on between me and Ngozi, we are just friends,

 I hear you…

I excuse them immediately to the engineering room. About 20minuts later, I felt someone tapping me on my back because I dozed off while sitting on a desk. I raised my face and I saw Ngozi standing in front of me. She gave me a long warm hug which made my J0yst!ck to react opon all the hunger in me.

 how do you know that am here?


 I looked for you in the class but you were not there, so my mind told me that you must be here.

Me: this your mind always find me anytime any day . nawaooo

 lolzzz, well I brought some food for you.

Me: wow, how do you know am hungery

 my mind told me

 hmmm, you are funny
I collected the food flax from her, it was Eba and equsi soup. I droped the food flax on the desk and gave her a hug, I moved my hand down to her A$$ and robbed it but she didnt resist. My J0yst!ck got stronger and shoot out of my trouser. I know she will notice my hard J0yst!ck once we separate. I decided to tell her that I have to visit the toilet to wash my had so I can it. I went to the toilet and cool off. I washed my hand immediately my J0yst!ck went to the normal position. I returned back to the class, I meet her pressing her phone, I opened the food and called her to join me. We played with the food, I feed her and she also do the same, we were mean to each other at that moment, our head start getting closer to each other, till our mouth finally locked together. We kissed so passionately not minding if any student should walk in. I can’t sq££ze her boobs nor press her A$$ because my hand was stain with Eba and equsi soup. The kissing was not enough for me, I wanted something bigger, something different and most especially something light. With her present mood, one can easily tell that she also want something light. I pulled my mouth out from hers, I told her that I need to visit the toilet to was my hand.


 OK, let’s go together, I need to wash mine too.

(looked at her *** bad pikin***) OK, let’s go.

 go first let me arrange this place.
I went straight to the toilet. I was still washing my hand when she entered and lock the door. I stared at her and smile, because I know she is about to give me something light.


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