Me And Abimbola – Season 2 Episode 8

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☆☆Me and Ttech was curious to see who is going to enter through that gate. I was so happy and and a bit worried when I saw that it was that the same guy we sent the message to.

 rely please help me and check this phone, the phone just went off on its own. But I think is battery problem.

Me:(with excited voice) did it enter inside water or fell off.

Guy:water kee, no oo, I just got new message and I decided to check it and the next thing was to trip off.

I was about asking him another question when my WhatsApp notification tone beeped. I checked it and it was from Ttech.

no waste time, just tell him to go and flash his phone so he can disappear, we have a lot to do.

Me:(look at Ttech and smile ***bad guy of all time***)

Me: (remove the battery of the phone) aagh aagh aagh, guy this phone system done corrupt, you need to go flash am.

 corrupt kee, how nah, how much?

 maybe 700-800.

 OK thanks, I will rush to the GSM village now.

After the guy left the compound, we both hug each other in celebration of our success.

 I told you that you can do it. Anything computer, you are the only guru that I know. I told you

 thanks for believeing in me bro. So what’s the next step now?

 see this guy ooo, are you asking me… Send it to bblondon immediately… Remember, send it to all her contact, both the one she is still using and the one she is no more using. So that that everything will crash altogether.

 on it boss
I entered bblondon number and send the virus message to her.

Ttech: once we didn’t see her call again, that means we have won the battle.

 I pray it works sha, because I can’t be paying salary to any unknown person. As far as I am concern now, blessing is an unknown person to me..

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Ttech: shut up, that how you will be making mouth, when you see bblondon waist now, you will still fall for it.

Me: over my dead body, me fall for her A$$, taaaar e no fit happen…

 I done hear you, let me be going, I have something to do now…

 no problem bro, am already late to school, let me go and prepare ..

Ttech left my house around 8:30am and I rushed inside to prepare for my school. I was very excited and happy. I felt some relief inside me. I was taking my bath when I remembered that I haven’t ask the girl in my computer school her name or any kind of introduction. I decided to do that immediately I see her in school. I got to school around 9:05am and everybody was sitting on their own waiting for the teacher to come in… I thank god that class has not started because all I had in my mind was to talk to the girl. And I know pretty well that with the level of excitement in me, the introduction must yield a good and mature fruit. I checked the girl where everybody is and I couldn’t find her.. So I decided to check her in engineering class. When I got there, I met her sitting alone and was busy with her phone.

 hello dear

 hi, you must be that new guy right..

 yes, well my name is rely and you?

 I am Ngozi..

 wow, you are Igbo? I like ibo people, they are nice people…and they always have beautiful queen like you..

 (laugh) oh stop flirting me
We were getting along with each other but my eyes never cease to stare at her big boobs. *** I no very soon, I will sU-Ck this s–t***. I cracked joke which I have never done before in other to appear funny to her. We were both laughing before she brought some issue.


Ngozi: rely it seems you understood what that man taught us yesterday..

 of cause I did, any problem..

Ngozi: please you will have to help me out..

Me: why not, anything for a beautiful damsel like you..

Ngozi: you are so funny..

Me: my friends call me basket mouth nah

Ngozi: really!!!

of cause

 that’s nice, so when do we start?

 tomorrow will be OK by me.

 yah, that’s good, because I have to rush home early today…

 so were should we stay, here in school or should we go to my house?…

 your house kee, I prefer school…

( ***don’t worry, you will soon prefer my house, sheybe am funny, you never see anything..***) don’t mind me, am sorry about that, I was…..

I couldn’t finish my statement when one of the students called us for class. We both stood up together to attend class but i have to divert to the toilet so she can be the first to enter the class among the two of us, which will give me the opportunity to set my sit at her back. I got to the class and everybody was already sitted. I oppositioned my sit at her back. As the class was going on, I was busy thinking of how to create a connections between me and Ngozi. Since my mind didn’t tell me anything reasonable, I had to use my Neal to start robbing her A$$ and I knew she got the message when she turned back to me and smile…


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