Me And Abimbola – Season 2 Episode 7

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☆☆Me: Ttech please help me check who is calling me!


 fast nah before it will cut

is Abimbola….

 please help me bring the phone

 hello sweetheart

 my honey pie, how are you

 am fine, how was your computer class today.

it was awesome, though it was my first time, but it was cool.

wow, that’s cool, you will lecture me later

there is no problem,can you come and see me ?

Abimbola: oh baby, I’m so sorry, i’m busy now.

Me and abimbola chatted more on phone before she hanged up. I dished the indomitable. After the shot dinning, I saw Ttech off to the junction where he can bored a bike to his place. I came back to my place, i arranged some part of the house, before preparing what my uncle will eat. I finished everything around 8:30pm, and is now time to think about how to create my viruse message. I thought about checking YouTube to know if I can find any helpful solution. I opened my laptop and login to YouTube. I saw many trash until one of the video attracted my attention. The video was exertly what I needed. After watching the video, I started downloading the available application listed in the video description which can aid the creation of the viruse message. After downloading the listed applications, I started creating the message. I was done around 1:15am, and I wasn’t sure if what I did was good or not because I was afraid to send it to my own phone. For where to send the message for testing, I decided to live it for Ttech because I know he will have a better plan on that. I moved my mouse to my Facebook icon. I launched it immediately and created another account in other to hack bblondon account. I finished hacking her account around 2:30am which was successful. So I decided to have some sleep.

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Uncle: where is the receipt for you computer registration.

 let me bring it..

 when you come back, enter my room, you will see that two trousers that I left on the floor, help me wash them .

 OK sir

I checked my time and it was already 7:12am, so I decided to put Ttech on phone.

 rely baba

bro, am done with the message, but I have a little problem

Ttech: what is it.

 I don’t know how am going to test it and know weather it works or not.

 that’s very simple, am come right away to your place now.

 OK bro, please hurry up, you know I am supposed to be in school by 9:00.

Ttech: OK, hope your uncle is not around.

Me: he has gone out.

 OK, am on my way..

20 minutes after the chat, Ttech arrived to my place. He asked to see the virus message that I created which he confirmed to be like the one that was sent to him.

 so how are we going to know if it works.

Ttech: do you have anybody staying around here that you can collect his or her phone now

Me: yes, there is one guy across my house that normally brings his phone to me when ever his phone is faulty.

 good, do you have his number?

wait, are you planning to send the message to him?

Ttech: of course, because that’s the only way we can come out of this problem. Remember your life is better than a phone.


 you have a point there.

Ttech: let’s send it to him and wait to know weather he will come looking for you, if he comes, that means we have succeeded.

 Ttech baba, bad pikin
I opened my laptop and entered the guy phone number. I said a short prayer before sending it to him. Ttech was busy gisting me about his new Baby while we are waiting for the guy to come. We have waited for 30 minutes and the guy didn’t show face. I became a bit worried that all my effort and time was a waste.

 Ttech if this guy didn’t come my life is over.

Ttech: came down, if he didn’t come, we will find another way, every problem has a solution.

Me:i wasted enough time on this and all the effort is rubbish.

Ttech: at least you tried nah. See let me….

Ttech was about telling me something when we had a knock on our big gate…

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