Me And Abimbola – Season 2 Episode 6

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☆☆School was over and the girls was amused at my performance in the class. Being my first day in the class, I was the only one to answer the questions from the teacher correctly. Though I was busy answering the questions just to create awareness of my presence and my little intelligency so when I want to strike the girls, it won’t back fire. I got home around 1:45pm. I rushed to the kitchen to prepare some noodles to eat. I was enjoying my noodles when my message tone beep. I checked it and it was from Ttech. Ttech: Abeg open door for me, I dey outside. I covered my noodles and headed straight to the door.

Ttech: ore mi how you dey

Me: am fine bro..

Ttech: hope you are not thinking too much, well I have small plan now and I think it will help.

Me:(anxious) eeehn, what is the plan?

Ttech: you remember that my tecno p5 that time wey just off immediately I opened one message like that?

Me: that white one abi?

Ttech: yes

Me: how that one go con help my situation nah?

Ttech: OK, You remember say nah person send me text message and immediately I open am, my phone off and e no on till I flash the phone.

Me: yes, nah viruse message be that. It has corrupt the system of the phone.

Ttech: OK, this is what you will do. You go first hack that her Facebook account and delete all those pictures and also delete it from your own Facebook account.


Me: to hack her account simple but that one no solve any problem since she still have all the pictures in her phone.

Ttech: I never finish nah, cool down.

Me: OK boss

Ttech: after hacking her account, then go write like that same message wey they send to me and send it to her, so immediately she opens it, her phone will corrupt and off. That way, she have to flash her phone which will wipe all her data including those pictures.

Me: aaaagh, this one go hard oo, as I know computer reach, I never know reach virus message ooo, but I don see am sha, I know how it looks…

Ttech: rely see, I believe you die, anything concerning computer, I believe say you go do am. And I believe say you fit do this virus message.

Me: thanks bro, I go try my best, but the problem be say, I don’t even know where to start about this message.

Ttech: start from somewhere, I believe in you.

Me: OK bro.

Ttech: how far your computer school nah.

Me: omo I love that school.

Their girls fine die.

Ttech: seriously, I go come register be that nah.. Me and Ttech gisted and cracked joke together, i started feeling happy again. I decided to make another noodles for Ttech who complained about hunger. I was puting the third indomitable inside the pot when I had the ringing tone of my phone from the parlor.

Me: Ttech please help me check who is calling me!

Ttech: OK

Me: fast nah before it will cut Ttech: is Abimbola….


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