Me: Ttech where are you guys please
Ttech: at home; what is it? Why is your voice sounding so weak?
Me: bro the worst has happened, is bblondon again.
Ttech: don’t tell me you are still after her
Me: am not, she is after me
Ttech: what do you mean.
Ttech: am coming back, I will explain everything to you
I ended the call, I looked around the hotel for the third time to check if bblondon is hiding somewhere but unfortunately she wasn’t. I went outside the gate to enter keke to take me home. I paid #150 to the keke man and he successfully took me to my destination. I got home after seven. I met AY and tunji waiting for me outside the gate. I explained everything that happened between me and bblondon to both of them.
Me: she took my two passport and my ATM card
AY: which ATM card again?
Me: my fidelity ATM card nah
AY: your ATM card is with me, you gave it to me that day nah, have you forgotten?
Me: are your serious?
AY: let me bring it for you.
AY dashed inside and came out with my ATM card. I was so happy knowing that my money is secured. But I was still worried about my two passport. My master planners suggested that I should call bblondon number. I called the number up to ten times but it wasn’t available. I was worried she is going to take my passport to a native doctor. Though my master planners ensured me that nothing is going to happen which I don’t really believe.
Me: have you seen chiamaka?
Ttech: she has been sleeping since we came back
Me: sleeping? Up till now?
Ttech: yes, just pray nothing happens to that girl.
Me: yeeeeh. I hope nothing happens to her.
Ttech: but rely you fucked up, you shouldn’t have bleeped her.
We was still chatting when mummy chiamaka came out and informed us that food is ready, Ttech and AY entered inside but I decided to stay back in other to pounder over my predicament. I was still thinking when my phone rang. I dipped hand inside my pocket and brought out my phone. I checked the number and it was unknown number. I picked the call…
Me: hello who is this?
Caller: rely is me
Me: Bb why are you so wicked? Where is my passport?
Bblondon: your passport is with me. Rely am not wicked, is just that I can’t afford to loose you.
Me: so what are you insinuating?
Bblondon: is so simple; just play along with me and be mine that’s all.
Me: what if I refuse…
Bblondon: there is nothing like refusing here and if you do, I will change your mind by force.
Me: Bb so you are planning on taking my passport to a native doctor?
Bblondon: something like that. Thats if you don’t play along. Anyway, I had you guys are traveling very early tomorrow morning?
Me: yes and you can see, there is know how we can see each other.
Bblondon: don’t worry, me and my husband is moving to Lagos next month. So when I come, then I will stay with you.
Me: bb this is not fair, this is blackmailing.
Bblondon: is called love. Rely I love you, you are the person I wished to marry. Am not happy that I didn’t marry you.
Me: I need my passport
Bblondon: for your passport, is no more with me!
Me:yeeeh who is with it?
Bblondon: that I can’t tell you now.
Me: Bb please, don’t do this to me.
Bblondon: listen to me, never tell anybody what we just discuss now or what we are still going to discuss because if you do, whatever you see, you will take it like that.
Me: so blessing, you have taken my passport to a native doctor. Why are you so wicked, and you said you love me. Am going to tell Ttech and AY all we just discuss now. Yes I will do that.
Bblondon: then be ready to die.
Me:( yeeeh this girl is serious ooo).
The call ended after the conversation, I became scared. I don’t know what to do. Now my life is involved, I can’t tell my master planner what is going on between me and bblondon unless I want to die. I broke down where I was, I started causing the day I met bblondon. I regret meeting her. In fact I hated girls immediately. I swore not to do anything with girls anymore. I decided to go and meet my pastor ones I get to Lagos and explain everything to him. But even if am going to explain everything to him, I have to exclude bblondon to avoid something bad happening to me. I was lost in thought when someone taped me on my shoulder. I looked up and it was chiamaka!!
Me: hey baby girl, how are you?
Chiamaka: am fine just that am a bit weak
Me: sorry dear, you will be fine.
Chiamaka: I came to tell you that my mummy said I can’t move with you to Lagos.
Me: why
Chiamaka: she said I will be coming with aunty blessing and her husband next month.
Me: wow, which side in Lagos?
Chiamaka: I don’t know yet.
Both of us chatted together before I went inside to rest and think on how to solve my predicament. Ttech and AY asked me to tell them what was going on but I lied to them. I was scared on what will happen to me if I eventually disclose my chat with bblondon to them. I have to keep mute about it. After resting, I ate my food then pack my clothes against tomorrow traveling. I was pressing my phone when I a message icon suddenly appeared on my status bar. I opened it and it was from unknown number.
Message: safe journey, I will see you in Lagos.
Me:(*** blessing it will never be well with you***)
WATCHOUT FOR SEASON THREE… ( Elizabeth, bblondon and Abimbola)
please drop your view so far on the story from season 1 to season 2.

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