She was dressed up on a yellow top and mini jean skirt. Though all her cleavages was clearly outside but I cautioned my self to ignore them. I saw some food, fruit and wine placed beside the bed. I didn’t put my mind on them because I was eager to know what bblondon is up to.
Me: (looking around the room to be sure if am safe) hi.
Bblondon: welcome
Me: are you the only one in here?
Bblondon: (holding the win with one hand) yes I am.
Me: so why do you call me here?
Bblondon: (pouring some wine into two different glass cup) why not eat first before we talk about why we are here.
Me: BB, am not here to eat, am here to know why you summoned me.
Bblondon: ( handing one of the glass cup to me) OK if you say so. I called you here so we can make peace. I know I was really angry with you, but now, am ready to let go of our past and face the present.
Me:(still confused, *** is this another style of the game or is she sincer***) what about all my unclad pictures that is in your possession.
Bblondon: if you can remember very well, you will notice that for long now, I haven’t disturb you concerning those pictures.
Me: why?
Bblondon: during that time, my phone suddenly went off, then I have to flash it which erased all my data including all your pictures.
Me: (***virus message at work***).you are telling me that you are know more angry with me? No more revenge?
Bblondon: yes, to be sincer with you rely, you are the only guy I truly love from the depth of my heart. I want us to bring our love back. Let’s live the way we do live before.
Me: but you are married now. You belong to another man. I don’t think is good to come back.I Think is high time we path away blessing. Let’s stop anything between us. But we will still be normal friends.
Bblondon: me being married doesn’t stop us from doing whatever we want to do. Just live my husband for me to handle. I need you back rely, I need your energy back. Am really happy that you are here with me. It has been ages.
Me: BB, it won’t work between us again, I have to move on with my life. Concentrate with your family and make a good wife. We had our turn before, right now, is your husband turn.
Bblondon: rely please, I beg you in the name of God, am incomplete without you.
Me: No, it won’t work.
Bblondon: OK, but at least can we still be friends?
Me: (smile) sure, we are already friends.
Bblondon: OK, let’s eat and drink away the past.
She brought out the food and drink. Though I wasn’t interested in eating anything, but since she said she has forgiven me, I thought it won’t be right to reject the food. We ate together, which she was busy trying to play love with the food but I kept ignoring her. After eating and drink, I layed on the bed to relax my self while she said she need to use the bathroom. About 5 minutes later, I saw bblondon coming out from the bathroom full naked, my joystick started rising, I tried to keep my joystick calm but Noway. She approached me, rub her hand on my chest and whispered to me “let’s have the last sex since you said is over”. She has this style of weaking me anytime.
Me:(manage to say something) blessing please this is not right. Today is your honey moon. At least you husband supposed to see you first and not me. For Christ sake, you just got wedded today. Please stop now.
Bblondon: you are my real husband, that’s why am allowing you to see me first. Rely please, let’s have this last one and I won’t disturb you again.
Me: Bb, you don’t have to do this, you are ……
I didn’t finish what I was about saying when she locked her mouth with mine. We kissed together before I lost control. I grabbed her A$$, squeezed it simultaneously with her boobs. I threw her on the bed and whispered to her.
Me: this is what you want right?
Bblondon: yes babbby…
Me: (removing my belt fast fast) OK, I will give it to you.
I pulled my buzzers out, drew her waist at the eage of the bed then I mounted my joystick inside her kittycat. I spooned her with full force and speed while she was shouting on a high tempo. I turned her back in a doggie style. I was spooning in and out with a full energy while she was busy shouting..
Bblondon: oooh yeee baby, please give it to me for the last time…
Me: take it mother fucker.
Bblondon: faster faster faster…oooh am dying oooo…
I bleeped her for like 25mins before I mistakenly cumed inside her. She noticed I cumed inside her but she didnt lament on it. I guess thats what she want. I felt so weak after the sex. It felt as if all my bone was removed. I fell on the bed while Bb entered inside the bathroom to clean up. I tried getting up so I can also clean my self but all the strength and energy was gone. I felt something was wrong with my body. I decided to take a chill peal and wait for blessing to finish cleaning her self before I do mine. She waisted a lot of time inside the bathroom. I want to go and check what she was doing but I was very weak and cranky, sleep was all over my body, so I ignored her. She didn’t come out until I dozed off on the bed.
I woke up around 6:30pm, I regained some energy back, I couldn’t find bblondon in the room. I called her name several times but she didn’t answer. So I decided to check her inside the bathroom, when I got there, I met only her yellow top and mini jean skirt on the floor, thats when I believed that something was wrong. I didn’t bother cleaning my self again. I wore my trouser and pick my wallet, I dashed out side to check if she was somewhere there taking a chill peal but I couldn’t find her, I went immediately to ask the receptionist.
Me: please did you see any lady loged in room 102 this evening?
Receptionist: yes, she left around 5:30pm.
Me:yeeeeeeh mo gbe ooo.
Receptionist: is there any problem sir.
Me: no no, am…am fine.
I started thinking what bblondon was up to again.(***what is going on, is this girl playing pranks on me. What is she up to again. Hope she didnt steal on my money***).
I dipped my hand inside my pocket immediately and brought out my wallet, all my money was intact, but I noticed that my two passport and ATM card which I kept inside my wallet was missing….

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