Me: it looks as if I haven’t see you for ages. Am really missing you my mummy yo.
Abimbola: am really missing you. I will be waiting for you at the car park tomorrow.
Me: no need baby. You don’t have to stress your self. When I get home I will let you know.
Abimbola: OK baby.
We chatted on phone for sometime before she ended the call. I looked at the two viju milk am holding. One which contains postinor2 for chiamaka and the other one for me. I rushed home immediately, I saw chiamaka still lying down on the bed. I guess she is really tired.
Chiamaka: what kept you so long?
Me: am sorry dear, I was looking for cold one.
I opened the one meant for her and handed it over to her. I was sipping my own viju milk at the same time watching her as she consume her own. She left the room after drinking. I checked the time and it was already 3:30pm. My mind wasnt at rest because I don’t have a clue on what bblondon holds for me. I went outside to fetch water so I can bath before going to meet bblondon. After dressing up, I called chiamaka so she can put me through on the address bblondon sent to me.
Chiamaka: who are you going to see there?
Me: someone
Chiamaka: hmmm OK, I will tell my mom about moving to Lagos with you.
Me:(*** see this girl ooo, so you are serious about this. Better forget Lagos and find something to do with your life***) OK, no problem. Till when I come back.
Chiamaka: OK, just enter keke after that shop. Tell him to take you to CITY HOTEL.
I left the house and still worried on what am going to see there. I paid #200 to the keke man and he took me to the hotel. The hotel is so big with swimming pool placed at the center of the compound. I saw many people out side, I guess they are going to hold a party. I was relieved when I saw that there are many people around so in case anything bad wants to happen, I can shout for people to hear me. I picked my phone from my pocket, dialed bblondon number.
Me: hello am in the hotel
Bblondon: come straight to room 102
Me: OK.
I went to the receptionist to get direction to room 102 which she gave me after asking some relevant questions. I felt like telling her what was going on so she can be at alart and check on me time to time but I felt it wasn’t relevant instead I asked her for their security number which she willingly gave me. I started climbing the stare case until I got to the door which carries 102 tag. I believed that was the room, I said a short prayer, cleaned my face with my hand because I wasn’t with any hanky to do that, then I was about to knock on the door when my phone rang. I picked it
Elizabeth: hello dear
Me: hi nurse, how are you?
Elizabeth: am fine, am so sorry I havent call since yesterday night.
Me: you don’t have to be, I should be the one saying sorry and not the other way round.
Elizabeth: OK thanks for the understand, hope you are enjoying that side?
Me: let’s say a bit but I prefer Lagos though. So how is Lagos?
Elizabeth: is cold over here ooo.
Me:(*** hmmm, cold, isoright***). Eyea, why not call your man over, since you are staying alone.
Elizabeth: I have told you am not in need of any man in my life right now..
Me: am sorry about that, but you have to do something..
Elizabeth: is OK, I was just thinking about you so I decided to call.
Me: wow, so what is that you are thinking about me?
Elizabeth: I will tell you when you come back.
After the call, I tried to knock on the door but I couldn’t find the courage to do that anymore. I remembered I didn’t tell any of my master planner. I felt am betraying them. I started having double mind whether to call them or just go in. I opened my WhatsApp to chat with Ttech.
Me: Ttech baba
Ttech: bro am not good, where are you? I haven’t see you since after the wedding in the church. What is happening?
Me: am sorry, I have some issue I need to handle.
Ttech: I know what is going on!! Bblondon abi?
Me: silent
Ttech: bro let me tell you, she is now married, she is no more the bblondon you use to know. So live her, don’t fall for her A$$ again, unless you want to bring course to your self. Remember that she has mission to fulfill. Though I don’t know what the mission is, all am saying is that, don’t even make mistake of seeing bblondon again to avoid story that touches the heart. Since I saw bblondon here, I felt something bad. Anyway where are you?
Me: (***became confused***)
I didn’t tell him my location, I felt like talking to him but I don’t know how. (*** what if bblondon stab me to death here, who will know my whereabout, is better I should tell Ttech or should I tell AY? God what is happening to me?.***) after a short thinking, I decided to do it on my own. I moved closer to the door, arranged my coller, clean my face and compose my self then knock…..

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