Pastor: you can kiss your bride.
I was in the congregation watching the both couple kissed each other. Though I was a bit jealous but there was nothing I can do. I felt like being the one in that alter. After everything inside the church. I went under one mango tree at the back of the church. I sat there for a while thinking about bblondon intentions towards me. Though I had no reasonable thought at last. I was still sitting under the mango tree when I had my phone vibrate. I checked it and it was a message from bblondon. I opened it and saw one address with a small write up which says ” meet me in CITY HOTEL around 4:pm. I switched off my phone and put it back to my pocket. I was confused whether to meet her or to ignore her. I tried switching on my phone so I can contact AY or Ttech and tell them what is going on but I later changed my mind. I decided not get my master planners involved. I made up my mind to visit her in the hotel. When I came out of the tree, everybody has already gone home to continue the celebration. I called a keke man who collected #100 to take me back home. The DJ was playing weeding song when I got home and some people was after food and drinks. With the thought of bblondon flowing through my vains and brain, I couldn’t remember anything called food. Entered inside the room but unfortunately Ttech and AY wasn’t around. I was about to remove my cloth when chiamaka entered the room, she was putting on only white Singlete which shows off her red bra. Though her breast is not as big as bblondon. Looking at her face and at the same time her small boobs, my joystick started rising.
Me: what is it chiamaka?
Chiamaka: I want to know if I can get food for you.
Me: no am not hungry
Chiamaka: but you haven’t eaten since morning.
Me: don’t worry, am OK
Me: you are not OK. I new something was wrong since you saw aunty blessings pictures on my phone. The way you screamed and the reaction of aunty blessing when she saw you tells me that something is wrong
Me: yes, but she told everyone that I beat her up back in Lagos.
Chiamaka: hmmm, no problem, let me get food for you.
Me: (***see this girl ooo, better live this room now before something happens***) OK on one condition!
Chiamaka: what is the condition?
Me: you will be the one to feed me.
Chiamaka: you are not serious, what if my mom or dad enters and see me feeding you?
Me: don’t worry, we will lock the door.
Chiamaka: (stared at my eyes) OK, agreed, is because I want you to eat ooo.
Me: am waiting!!!
Chiamaka went out of the room to get food for me, I touch my joystick and it was already hard. Chiamaka should be 17 or 18 years of age. The only problem is that her boobs wasn’t that big but she possesses a massive waist. I started thinking on how to climb that her waist when I remembered that I didn’t come with my condom. I was about calming my joystick down when she opened the down and entered with the food.
Chiamaka: this is the food, let’s eat
Me: OK ma.
She started feeding me. My eyes always glance her red bra which contributed on my hardened joystick. I don’t know how to start the game. I was scared she might shout and expose me. The food was already going down when I tried to initiate a chat with her.
Me: what do you eat that gives you this adorable shape. Look at your waist. I really love your shape.
Chiamaka: really… Well I only eat normal food.
Me: can you stand up and turn around let me see you very well please.
Chiamaka: after eating please..
Me: no I insist.
Chiamaka: ( drop the plate of food on her lap, stoop up and made a 360 turn.)
Me: wow.. Look at you babe, you are so sweet.
Chiamaka: smiling.
Me:( stood up and hold her hand) I wish your mom will allow you so that I can take you back with me tomorrow.
Chiamaka: seriously, I will talk to her. I can’t wait to see Lagos.
I continued flirting her and robbing my hands on her body. I slowly moved my hand down to her A$$, I romanced it but she refused to ulter a word. I went on to squeeze it. I pulled my mouth closer to hers until attraction occurs. We kissed as if we are husband and wife. I removed her singlet and squeezed her boobs which was still inside her bra. The atmosphere was getting so fascinating, I guess we both was enjoying it. I went ahead to unbutton her bra. I threw the bra on top of the bed, and placed my mouth on her nipples. She was moaning slow which shows she was enjoying it. I grabbed her booty, jacked her up and threw her on top of the bed, I was about drawing her skirt down, when I had a knock on the door.


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