Husband: baby, what is going on here, do you know him?
Chiamaka: that’s how rely shouted when he saw aunty blessings pictures.
Me:( oloshi, nah God go punish you)
Husband: baby what is it, do you know this young man?
Bblondon: yes!
Husband: who is he? And why are you in that mood.
Bblondon: he was among the group that beat me up then in Lagos after scamming me.
Me: (*** why did she lie***)
Husband: baby that’s OK, I think this is a new him, for him to come all the way from Lagos because of you, I think he is a new man.
Me: Bb.. Please listen to your husband, am a new person now. Am sorry for all the wrong I did to you in the past. Please forgive me.
Everybody tried begging on my behalf even the elders in that auditorium. I went on my Neal to beg her. I was still nealing down when Ttech and AY joined me on the ground to beg her. We begged her until she straight her hand down, lifted me up and gave me a hug. (*** God, see soft boobs, I have really missed a lot. It will never be well with you ttech, for make me to loose my assets***). I was still feeling her body when she whispered on my ear ” see me outside in next five minutes “. I became afraid again.
Me:(*** chaii, so this girl haven’t forgiven me upon all the sorry I told her. Am in a big mess***).
After the short hug, I saw her with a smile on her face. But I was curious to know whether the smile was fake or real. We started praying for them as they nelt down before everybody. Though I prayed for them from my heart. I blessed them and also ask God to change bblondon heart. After the prayers, I saw bblondon going out through the door. I checked my time, it was already more than 5 minutes. I have to wait small before I joined her outside.
Bblondon: what are you doing here? And how do you know that am residing here?
Me: am here because of the wedding and I never knew you are here nor you are the one to be wed tomorrow.
Bblondon: you new what you did to me. You caused me pains rely. You are so heartless.
Me: am so sorry, you know it wasn’t my fault. If not for Ttech it wont happen.
Bblondon: so if tunji ask you to put your hand on fire you will right.
Me: is not like that.
Bblondon: you played and toiled with my heart.
Me: am sorry dear but why did you lied to your husband that I scamed and beat you up.
Bblondon: yes, I did that because I don’t want leak our secret.
Me: thanks baby.
Bblondon: but that doesn’t mean I have forgiven you. I still have to revenge.
Me: but I have begged you nah.
Bblondon: I will send you address of a hotel in owerri where you will meet me tomorrow evening.
Me: tomorrow is your wedding day and you will be busy with somethings.
Bblondon: that’s non of your business. Just succumb on what I said.
Me: so what are you going to do with me there.
Bblondon: when you get there you will see and know for your self.
Me:(scared) OK tomorrow then.
Bblondon: be a good boy. Let me go and meet my husband before he start suspecting.
Me: silent.
I Stood there and watch her as she walk out of my presence. Everything was just happening so fast. I don’t even understand my life again. I was confused whether to tell my master planners or should I make up my mind to meet her in the hotel or back off. I started feeling angry and cranky. I felt bad for myself. I started blaming my self for maltreating bblondon at the first time. I felt bad because I know she had bad intention for me.i was still thinking what to do when chiamaka rushed outside to inform me that food is ready. That wasn’t my problem at that time. I have even lost appetite. I decided to trek around the village to know if I can find what will interest me. I checked my time, it was 15 minutes past 8:00pm. I went down the street. I Hardly find people on the road at that time. (*** this area is really different from Lagos, how can I walk this far without seeing any bar. What a village. I smile to my self***). I trekked a long distance but I couldn’t find anything fascinating so I decided to go back home. I got home 9:05pm. I met Ttech and AY outside the compound.
AY: bro where did you go nah.
Me: I just went to look around
Ttech: what is the problem?
Me: nothing, am fine.
Ttech: rely, we have been brothers for so long now and I know you more than anybody. Right now, I know very well that something is bordering you.
Me: silent
AY: bro, tell us what the problem is. Let’s help.
Me: (*** should I tell my two master planner what is going on between me and bblondon or should I keep it to my self?. Come to think of it, why did bblondon asked me to come and meet her in the hotel?. Should I go?***)


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