I was still scared and gasping because of the wife pictures that I saw. I saw BBLONDON on the pictures wearing wedding gown which means she is the one wedding tomorrow morning. Another wahala….
I got confused and scared. I remembered all my unclad pictures that is with her. I remembered the virus message I sent to her.(*** what if that virus message didn’t work?, no, it worked because since then, she haven’t threaten me. I hope she will not Poisson me this time***) I was lost in taught when ttech taped me on my shoulder.
Ttech: this one you have been outside since, are you still thinking about chioma who chopped you and run away?
Me: my end is near bro…
Ttech: what happened, you are scaring me
Me: you know this girl here.. Eeehn what’s her name again? This girl that serve us food here now.
Ttech: is it chiamaka?
Me: yes!
Ttech: don’t tell me that you are already thinking of….
Me:(cut in) noo, not that. I was going through her pictures on her phone when I saw my ear with my eyes.
Ttech: what did you see?
Me: Bblondon
Ttech: BB what!!!!, guy be serious nah, you know it can’t happen. What is she looking for in IMO state.
Me: not only did I see her pictures, she is even the bride waiting to wed tomorrow.
Ttech: yheeee, mo gbe ooo. Which means we are going to see her tomorrow.
Me: yes ooo that’s why am scared. Am not even sure of my unclad pictures that is with her.
Ttech: she might even use this opportunity to revenge.
Me: who knows, she might even Poisson me this time, because for her to go to the extent of uploading my unclad pictures to the internet that shows she is very very angry with me.
Ttech: what do we do now?
Me: are you asking me? Better find solution now because you are the one who caused all this.
Ttech: are you blaming me?
Me: who will I blame? tell me! Are you not the one who asked me to chase her away in the night. See tunji, take your time and find solution to this predicament.
Ttech: calm down first, before tomorrow I will have a plan.
Me: tomorrow kee, by that time I would have been dead. See, am going back to lagos this night because I can’t afford to loose my head on bblondon’s hand.
Ttech left me and entered inside. I knew he was upset, he didn’t like the fact that everything wasnt going in our own favor. 5 minutes time, they called me to join the family in the parlor. I was surprise what the call was all about. I entered the parlor and met all the family including my master planners. Though ttech face wasn’t bright. I guess AY didn’t know what was going on. Immediately the eldest of the family stood up.
Elder: (clears throat ) we thankGod for a day like this and we thank him for granting our visitors all the way from Lagos safe journey. We called everybody here, so that will can join hand together and pray for our son and daughter who is getting married tomorrow. Though, they are on there way coming to this place. So please, we have to wait for them to come before we start the prayer.
Ttech: (looked at me with an expression on his face saying ” war”
Me:( shaking and gasping)
Elder: chiamaka share the drinks to every one, less drink while we wait for them to come.
We were drinking when we had a car horn. I don’t need anyone to tell me that they have arrived. I waited inside silently to see the action which is going to happen. Ttech was busy using eyes to tell me to calm down. I ignored him anyway. Not less than 3 minutes, I saw two people working in through the door.
Me: (*** chaii, is her true true ooo, see as she fine, omo see waist***)
They was busy greeting other family members until she came to my side.
Me: (stood up)
BbBblondon: ( shocked on seeing me)
She couldn’t straight her hand to greet me, her face changed instantly. She was boiling inside I can tell that, she stood there in front of me staring at me. I kept quiet, I didn’t say anything. Everybody’s attention was drawn to that point. I was scared that she will stab me Immediately or do something bad to me that night. I raised my hand to shake her but she refused until her husband cut in.
Husband: baby, what is going on here, do you know him?
Chiamaka: that’s how rely shouted when he saw aunty blessings pictures.
Me:( oloshi, nah God go punish you)
Husband: baby what is it, do you know this young man?
Bblondon: yes!


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