Is already friday evening and am done packing my things because we have to move very early tomorrow. I called bike to take me to Ttech place because we all agreed to pass our night there so we can travel together. I got to Ttech place but I only met AY around.
AY: hey bro
Me: how far?.. When did you come?
AY: it hasn’t been long. Just some couple of minutes.
Me: OK, what about Ttech?
AY: he went out with his guy.
Me: who is that guy self?
AY: are you asking me? I dont know him. I just met him today.
Me: OK, please where is water? Am tasty.
AY: rely! Abimbola called me a day before yesterday that you are still angry with her.
Me: nooo, we have settled our selves. She came yesterday nah, crying and begging. She even went on her Neal in front of my door. When I came out and saw her with tears, I couldn’t hold it again but Cary her up and kiss her until she stop crying.
AY: bad boi..after cheating on her, she is now the one begging you abi?
Me and AY gisted and watched MTV BASE together before we had a knock on the door.
Ttech: (hailing me) yeeh gbe fun for the boss..
Me: stop whynin me joor…
Ttech: rely nah thunder go fire you, shebe you known?
Me: how nah, what did I do?
Ttech: abimbola called me that you are still angry with her?.. Are you the one who supposed to be angry or she is the one?
Me: we have settle joor, we are now five and six.
Ttech: anyway, meet Lateef, he was the guy I told you about who will be traveling with us. Though we normally call him lastborn.
Me: (with pride) Guy how far
Lastborn: am cool bro, ttech told me about you..
Me: eeehn thats cool
Ttech: (cut in) abeg make we chop suya joor, you guys we continue your talk later.
I went outside to buy chivita so we can have some fun before going to bed. After eating, Ttech brought his laptop and launch FIFA game which we played till we dozed off.
I was hearing ” were is my bag, guy are done with the bathroom, weting dey worry you self, how will you spend 6hours in the bathroom ” . I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming or not until I had a slap on my head.
Me:(jump up immediately with sleep on my eyes) Good morning ma.
Ttech: who are you greeting good morning ma. Is like you are high abi.
Ttech: ogbeni stand up and prepare let’s get out of here.
Thats was when I remembered that all I was hearing wasn’t dream. I stood up and rushed into the bathroom. I took my bath and dressed up. We had a little prayer which was lead by AY around 4:30am before we headed where will board a bus. I got seat number 6 which was beside the window. My two seat partner was ladies. We left Lagos around 6:44am to IMO state. We was praying when my phone started ringing. I checked the caller and it was from elizabeth. I didn’t pick it in other not to interrupt the prayer. After the short worship and prayer, I decided to look beside me to see the face of the ladies sitting next to me.the one sitting exertly next to me was dark and very beautiful but with small breast.I noticed she was charging her phone with power bank.I decided to initiate a chat with her but I noticed it was too early for that so I took a chill pill. I was listening to flavour song when nurse elizabeth call entered.
Me: hi nurse, good morning
Elizabeth: how are you dear.
Me: fine dear and you?
Elizabeth: am good, I called to check if you guys has moved.
Me: yes dear, we are in Ibadan express way now.
Elizabeth: OK dear, I will still call you back. Safe journey
Me: thanks a lot..I appreciate
I was still thinking why nurse elizabeth keeps caring for me when I remembered that i haven’t talk to the lady beside me. So I tried to make a move.
Me:(chai how will I even start this conversation now..) I started eyeing Ttech who was at my back to give some orientation on how to start.
EPISODE 23B loading>>>>>>>


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