I was about to open my WhatsApp when I had a call. I checked the caller and it was from nurse Elizabeth…
Me: hello nurse..
Elizabeth: hello Mr rely, how are you doing?
Me: fine nurse was work today?
Elizabeth: good but am still in the hospital though, but I actually called to check on you. How is your head now?
Me: thank you very much nurse, in fact am no more feeling any pain.
Elizabeth: OK thank God..please rely I need a favor from you.
Me: anything for you nurse
Elizabeth: my car broke down in the morning when I was trying to go work. So now am kinda worried on how to go home this night, so I want to ask if you can bring a taxi for me around 8pm.
Me:(check my time 7:15) is that all?
Elizabeth: yes dear,
Me: OK I will be there in a short time.
I hanged up the call. With the mindset of helping her, I rushed out to the taxi park. I discussed with the taxi man but he seems not to comprehend the address I was giving to him. I had to follow him to the hospital. We got the around 8:09pm. We met nurse elizabeth standing in front of the hospital gate. I highlighted from the taxi and approached her.
Me: hi nurse, hope I didn’t waste your time?
Elizabeth: not at all dear. So how much did you discuss with the taxi man.
Me: #3500
Elizabeth: OK , I am sorry, I don’t have any money with me here to give you that will transport you back home, or will you follow me home so I can give you transport fee?
Me:(shy) don’t worry about that nurse, I will find my way home.
Elizabeth: I insist
Me: OK ooo if you insist.
We both entered the taxi and drove off. On our way, I decided to beep my two master planners on WhatsApp to tell them my where about so in case if I start missing, they will know where to find me. I also gisted them about nurse elizabeth and my madam’s daughter Ifeoluwa. We got to elizabeth place around 8:45pm. Her apartment was very good. A self containe apartment, very neat and well arranged. She asked me to wait while she prepare something for me to eat before I go. While I was waiting, I decided to look around her parlor. I saw many of her pictures on the wall, some containing a picture of her and a young man. I decide to overlook the pictures. About 15minuts later, she entered the parlor with a plate of rice and two spoon. While we are eating together, I decided to initiate a chat with her.
Me: do you live alone here?
Elizabeth: yes of course, why do you ask?
Me: nothing, am just curious to know. Who is that young man with you on that picture?
Elizabeth: oooh that’s my big brother..
Me: (flabbergasted) seriously?
Elizabeth: yes… Why are you surprise?
Me: is just that you look quit older than him. Am sorry to say that.
Elizabeth: no problem, no offense.
Me: if I may ask, are you up to 20?
Elizabeth: I clocked 21 last month.
Me: wow, that’s cool..
After eaten, she gave me #1500 for transport fee. Though 1500 is too much for transport fee. But I know she wants to use it to thank me. She gave me a hug as I was about to enter a bike. I felt her boobs pressing my chest. (*** wow, when exertly am I going to lick this two oranges***). I left her place while she kept on waving for me until her presence was diminished. I got home with her taught all over my mind. In fact I was already obsessed. I tried to eradicate the thought but it keeps on coming. I couldn’t help it any longer. I picked my phone and log in to my WhatsApp. I met only Ttech online.
Me: Ttech baba
Ttech: ore mi, bawo ni
Me: mo wa pa..
Ttech: are you back from nurse place?…
Me: yes, she is very kind, I have been thinking about her since I got back, I think am beginning to love her.
Ttech: you dey mad, see who is talking about love.
Me: am serious, this is genue love. Am going crazy about her Ttech.
Ttech: what of Abimbola
Me: I will keep the two of the nah..I can’t live Abimbola for anybody oo. You know she is the girl after my heart.
Ttech: she is the girl after your heart, and you are telling me you love elizabeth.
Me: the way she treats me is exceptional and she is so beautiful. I can’t stop thinking about her for ones.
Ttech: see rely let me tell you, you are not in love, you are in lust. You are just imagining being on bed with her. See rely, all these nurse love sex like dog oo.. If you dare try that nurse, she will kill you. Better forget her and focus with your life.
Me: I will try bro… But she too fine. If you see her cleavages eeehn..omo nah fire.
Ttech: see rely, I think is high time we live all this girls alone and focus on our life. Let’s design a beautiful life for our self before we get girls involved again. One day God will vex for us ooo. I have been praying since and God have not answer me, I don’t know whether is because of all this girls that God refused to answer my prayers.
Me: I have taught about this before.. Well no problem, when we see, we will talk about that.
Ttech: OK… We are meeting tomorrow evening in my house, so we can travel very early the next day being Saturday.
Me: Shebe is only three of us that is traveling?
Ttech: there is one of my guy that is joining us.
Me: who again…
Ttech: his name is Lateef Musa, but we normally call him LastBorn. I don’t think you will know him..
Me: OK nah, till tomorrow evening… What about AY ?
Ttech: I have told him also…
My phone started ringing when I was about typing a message to Ttech. I checked the caller, it was Abimbola. I was still angry with her because of the incident. I refused to pick her call until the 5th one.
Abimbola: rely please, am really sorry for everything. Please forgive me. Just put all the blame on me. I really want to see you, I haven’t been my self since when you were in the hospital.
Me:(silent and happy, at least she is begging. Lol what am I feeling like)
Abimbola: rely please I love you and I fought Ngozi that day out of jealousy. But I regret everything. Forgive me..
Me: (feeling emotional)*** don’t worry I still love you but I have to form the boss now***) just live me alone Abimbola. Is over between us..
Abimbola:(crying and panting) rely please am nealing down in front of your door.. Please come and open the door for me. I want to see you.
Me: (*** so she love me to this extent. Should I open the door for her?***)

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