I removed all the document on the table both her laptop and desktop. She layed down on the table positioning her back side for me. (***chai…see A$$ ooo***) I was thinking she will pull off her cloth so I can get her waist properly but she didn’t and I refused to tell her to do so. My joystick was already hard. In fact all I can hear inside me was “bleep bleep bleep”. I continue pressing her waist while she kept quiet. I moved my hand up small to reach her back when she called me.
Madam: rely!!!
Me: yes ma
Madam: hope you are preparing for your test. You know that next month will make six months you have been here.
Me: yes ma..I have been reading and practicing ..
Madam:that’s good..we are going to select five best students to go and work different places both in Lagos and outside Lagos just for one month.
Me: but ma; I thought you ones told us that the best students will go to abuja and work.. While other places now?
Madam: we have change that method. We are going to distribute the five students into three states. Lagos, abuja and IMO.
Me: I will like to stay in Lagos ooo
Madam:(laugh) why
Me: I don’t like traveling that much..
Madam: OK no problem..
Me: which side in Lagos ma.
I was happy knowing that am moving to lekki next month to go and cruise life. I definitely know that, whether my result is good or not, I will be among the five..
Madam: please press that waist a little bit harder..
I moved my hand gently down her booty. I squeezed it gently why my madam left out a moan. I continue squeezing her booty and I guess she was enjoying it because if not, she would have resisted me. I deeped my hand inside her skirt, push her pant one side and tickle her kittycat. She started shouting on a low tempo that’s when I fully comprehend that she was in the mood. I drew her skirt down, removed her pant and I started fingering her from the back. She stoop up, removed her top, then helped me to remove mine. She drew my trouser down, lower my buzzers and held my joystick. She started sucking it, Dipping my joystick in and out inside her mouth. She is very very skilled in sucking. After some minutes of sucking, she bent down and held the table for me to dip my joystick in a doggie style. I dipped my joystick inside her kittycat and I was spooning so hard and faster. I was going in and out while she was busy shouting. This time, the tempo was increased. I was squeezing her boobs and bleeping her at the same time. After a while, she stood up, dip my joystick inside her mouth and sucked it for another round. After some minutes of blow job, I layed on the table while she climbed on top me to ride me on a woman on top style. She was going up and down very fast. I was really enjoying it. I couldn’t hold my self again, I had to cum inside her. Am not afraid of cumin inside her because I know she knew what to do. She climbed down from me. I was already tired, I couldn’t get up from the table. After some minutes of rest, we both headed straight to the bathroom to clean our self. After everything in the school, she took me to her place. Am always excited when ever I visit her place. I really love the smell of her place. When we get to her place, she opened the door and I saw a young girl who seems to be 18 of age. I was flabbergasted and astonished when she stood up and said “mummy welcome” in a postrate manner. (*** chai.. See A$$ ooo, look at this small girl having this kind of cleavages. She must be one of her sister.***) I was lost in thought when my madam called me..
Madam: rely meet my only daughter Ifeoluwa and Ifeoluwa meet rely, one of my students.
Me: ( raising my hand for a handshake) hi, you look so beautiful and charming.
Ife: (still holding hand) thanks uncle rely
Me: you don’t need to put uncle..
Madam:( madam staring at me as I was still holding ife’s hand) that’s enough. Ife please can you bring the stew out from the freezer and make something for rely to eat.
Ife: sure ma.
I was busy watching her back side as she catwork infront of me without knowing that my madam was looking at me.
Madam: rely can I see you outside now.
Me: OK..
Madam: please, you see that my daughter, I don’t want you to have anything to do with her. I saw how you was staring at her. Don’t just try any rubbish or else you will see the other side of me. Don’t let me get annoyed with you because if I do, you won’t like my actions.
Me:(panting and gasping) please ma, is not what you think, I don’t mean anything, is just that am seeing her for the first time.
Madam: that’s OK, I just want to let you know, she is my only daughter.
We both moved inside and ate the food together until 6:15pm when I decided to go home. She droped me off to the school and left. I trekked beck home. I wasnt feeling hungry, so know need of entering kitchen. I went to my room to have a chat with my two master planners. I was about to open my WhatsApp when I had a call. I checked the caller and it was from nurse Elizabeth…
Me: hello nurse..
EPISODE 22 loading……

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