After saying a short prayer around 6:57am Wednesday morning.I came outside the corridor. Everywhere was so bright and clear. My head wasn’t paining me any longer. I remember how all the incident happened. Though I have tried reaching Ngozi on my cell phone but it wasn’t connecting. I guess she blocked me after she might taught am dead. ***Thank God I have a friends who cares.***. I tried calling Ngozi again but I got the same result. I was scrolling down my contact when I saw a name “nurse Elizabeth” . I had a flash back on the nurse who gave me the last treatment before I was discharged the next morning in the hospital some few days ago. I remembered how beautiful, slim and curvy she was looking when I sighted her coming through the door of my hospital room. I decided to give her a call. If not, at least to say thank you for taking care of me. I dialed her number…
Elizabeth: hello who is this please..
Me: this rely. Your patient some days back. Who you normally call Mr rely by name.
Elizabeth: ooh my dear how are you doing. How is your head now.
Me: am much more better. In fact after your last injection, I was totally healed.
Elizabeth: ooh thank god about that.
Me: that’s one of the reasons that made me to call you. To thank you for everything. For your care and time. I really appreciate you. I will be really happy if I can do more than this for you. Don’t hesitate to call me when ever you need my assistance.
Elizabeth: this is so good of you. You are such a nice guy.since I have been in this hospital, no patient have called me to appreciate like you just did. I like you for this little performance you just showed me.
Me: am so happy you understood me. Have you gone to work?.
Elizabeth: no, am yet to go.
Me: ok.i will talk to you later.
I hanged up the call. The view of her shape obsessed my mind for that moment. The More I think about her, the more fascinating it gets. I went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast so I can eat and go to school. I was hoping to see Ngozi in school at least to brake one coca cola bottle on her head. If am to call to answer a morder case, I don’t mind. All I have for Ngozi was revenge because I knew very well that braking that glass cup on my head wasn’t unintentional. After preparing for school. I took one coca cola bottle and hide it inside my bag. I got to school around 9:00pm. Class was already on. Immediately my classmates noticed my presence, all eyes was on me. I didn’t mind them, I went straight to my spot, sat down and took a glance at everybody who was present so that I can identify Ngozi and go ahead with my intention. But I noticed that Ngozi wasn’t around. I tried to concentrate on the class which was so difficult because I was boiling inside with the intention of seeing Ngozi. After dismissal, Ngozi was no way to be found. I went to my madam office to say hi and thank her for visiting me during my stay in the hospital. Her office was open but she wasn’t around. I decided to go home. Tomorrow is another day. I removed the coca cola bottle and hide it under the stair case against tomorrow. I was about going when my phone rang. I checked the caller and it was my madam..
Me: hello ma
Madam: how are you rely
Me: am very fine ma
Madam: how is your head.
Me: fine thank you ma. I was just coming out from your office now before I saw your call.
Madam: why are you looking for. Hope all is well?
Me: definitely, all is well. I wanted to give you a thanks in a reverent manner but I met you absence.
Madam: OK, I called you to tell you to wait for me in my office.
Me: am sorry ma but I don’t think that will be possible right now because am really hungry. I need to go home to upgrade my self.
Madam: that won’t be a problem. You so much like food. What do you care for?
Me: swallow will be OK. Equsi soup to precise.
Madam:OK , I will be there in a couple of minutes.
I went inside my madam office. I was pressing my phone when I had a WhatsApp notification from Ttech.. I checked it..
Ttech: bro there is work available now which will earn you a lot of money.
Me: which type of work is that..
Ttech: is a factory work. They produce things like pure water, Noddles, biscuits, and so on.
Me: that can’t be possible, am busy with school right now. How can I manage the both?
Ttech: bro it doesn’t matter. You can equally do evening shift. From 2:30pm-6:30pm.
Me: that’s sounds cool. That means immediately am done in school, I will rush there.
Ttech: correct.
Me: so how will I apply for this.
Ttech told me everything about the job and how I will apply. I decided to apply next week Tuesday after we are back from IMO state on Monday. I was meditating on how to design my Curriculum vitae (CV) when my madam entered. I greeted her and she answered politely. She handed a polythene bag containing a take away plastic plate. After a little discussion with her. I went to the bath room to get a water so we can wash our hand. When I came outside the office, I noticed that there was no single soul except my madam and I. After eating together with her. She requested to see the wounded part of my head. I bent my head down on her chest which gave me access to see her cleavage. My joystick started warming up. After showing her the wounded part. I sat on a chair while my madam brought up our bleeping movie which happened in her place.
Madam: I really don’t believe you have that kind of energy until you proved it to me.
Me: (smile)
Madam: I really need a mersage, on my waist…
Me: eyea.. Now your husband is not around, you have to manage.
Madam: I don’t manage, I expected you to ask me to get prepared instead.
Me: shuuu…in the office?


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