Me And Abimbola – Season 2 Episode 2

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☆☆Is already 5:30pm and Abimbola has gone home after the massive workout she gave me.upon all the blow job she gave me, me and my self wasn’t at rest. I remembered how I met BBLONDON at oshodi during my stay there, how we grew up to became a friend,how she always request for airtime, how I enjoyed bleeping her and holding her waist. Not only that, squeezing her boobs.I regret chasing her away. (*** if not for Ttech advise, I wouldn’t have chased her that particular day. But i loved her and now I can’t get her again. The worst part is that we are now the greatest enemy of all time. God, why did you bring Ttech in my life, if not for him, I won’t have been in this problem. This must be the revenge that she promised me.***) I was still thinking and talking to my self when one of my guy approached me..

 rely how far

 mo wapa ore mi

 kilode Gan, I saw you talking to your self as i was coming and your mood is not pleasing at all.

 guy kosi nkonko to shele jor

 OK, I wan go see my tailor for down there.

Me: nothing do you bro
I remembered that BBLONDON told me to check my Facebook messages. Which I did but I nearly fell sick Immediately I saw the content of the message the last time I checked. I decided to recheck the message she sent. When I opened my Facebook message, this was what I saw. ” you taught you are smart abi, upon all the love I have for you, you still have the gut to chase me out of your house in that kind of late hour without given me any transport fee. I had to sell my phone in other to transport my self home. You are a big fool rely for doing this to me. But I will show you that I’m smarter than you think. Below are your pictures. I will upload all the pictures to the internet and all the social media. I will personally print them and send the copies to your uncles and relative. And when ever you start work, am going to send the copies to the organization and even upload the pictures to their website. But you can stop me from doing all this unless you abide to my conditions.


Me: (clean my swollen face and scroll down)
And if you play smart, believe me, I will destroy your life.”
 I scroll down to view the pictures that she sent. I saw five pictures containing my full unclad images and beside me in the pictures was a chocolate A$$. In the first picture, I was bleeping her, in the second one, she was s**king my J0yst!ck. Third one, she was giving me a woman on top style. Fourth one, I was s**king her pu**y while the fifth one, she positioned my J0yst!ck in front of the camera. After seen those pictures, I remembered the last time she came to my place that we had s*x and I also remembered those style vividly. But in those pictures, her face was cut off. It was only my face was clearly viewed.
 God, this is the end of my career ooo. This girl you are wicked to do this to me, infact, you are a witch. This girl has ruined my life. Who will employ me after seeing all this pictures. I got restless and was thinking the next step to take. I don’t want to call Ttech because he was the one who put me in this problem.

 God, please find a way to redeem me, save me from this problem and I promise not maltreat any girl even if Ttech advise me to. Please God don’t allow this girl to destroy my life just like this…

But what Must be her condition? After 1 hour of thinking and questioning my self, I decided to call Ttech who will always have a plan.

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