I went straight to the door, I grabbed the handle and pull it back. I saw Abimbola standing in front of me…
Abimbola: hi honey, surprise surprise…..
Me: open mouth….(war)
Abimbola: I can see you are surprise… Don’t be, I haven’t seen you since yesterday… So I decided to pay you a surprise visit..
Me: wow.. That’s good..I have missed you so much…
Abimbola: oooh, OK can we go inside now?
Me:(***Yawa done gas ooo, immediately the thought of my master planner poped into my mind***).. Yes we will go inside but before that, I need to get recharge card outside…
Abimbola: OK I will be waiting inside …
Me: (**chaii, which can devil be this one ***) common baby, you should accompany me nah, let’s spend time together nah, you know I have missed you..
Abimbola: OK, for the sake of love
We both treck out of the compound to get recharge card.. On our way, I pulled my phone out from my pocket, opened my WhatsApp and beep Ttech…
Me: Ttech, yawa done gas ooo… Am in big mess now..
Ttech: what is it..
Me: I told you that Ngozi is in my house right now?…
Abimbola: what are you pressing that you don’t want to give me attention
Me: sorry baby…what do you say?
Ttech: yes…
Me: Abimbola just show face now, with out informing me…
Ttech: shuuu… This one big ooo…where is she now?
Me: she is with me, I haven’t allow her to go inside…
Ttech: good…you know what you will do now…
Me: no…
Me: hello Ttech….
Me: Ttech… Be fast nah..
Me: mogbe ooo…Ttech baba answer me nah..
Ttech: OK… Dont allow Abimbola to see Ngozi, you can start kissing her inside stair case…you can even bleep her there, then after the bleeping…you see her off from there, just make sure she didn’t go inside. ThankGod, your visitors bathroom is beside the stair guys can clean up there after the movie.
Me: what off Ngozi, what if she start looking for me…
Ttech: leave her for me. I will call her on phone now… I will address her case…don’t worry, just play your part well..
Me: ose paddi me..
After getting the airtime, we both come back home… She was about climbing the stair case when I drew her back, held her on her booty and place my mouth on hers, we started kissing… We kissed so passionately that she started loosing my belt… I removed my trouser including buzzers, while she did the same. Her breast got a little bigger than the last time I saw it. I juggled the two boobs up and down and gave me a faint smile. I sat on the stair case while she bent down to give me a blow job. I always like it when she suck my pencil because she is very good at it. She dipped my joystick inside her mouth and use one hand to tickle my two balls. I was really enjoying it more than the one I derive from Ngozi. She moved her mouth down to my balls and suck them slowly… I was about going mad because she knows how to drive me crazy. About 4 minutes of blow job. She decided to give me woman ontop style. I straighten my legs to give her chance to place my pencil into her sharpener. After placing her kitty cat on my joystick, she started going up and down. It was as if her own kitty cat is a special one. I was enjoying it which made me forget that Ngozi was still inside. Though I don’t know what went on between her and Ttech that made her to forget me for the moment. Me and Abimbola bleep for about 20minute before I felt to cum.. I placed my joystick on her mouth, she suck it till I cumed inside her mouth. She swallowed it and give me a kiss. She is the only girl that i can cum inside her mouth and she will swallow, that makes her special from other girls.. In fact I love her more than any other girl. We went to the visitors bathroom biside the stair case to clean up.. The shower was droping on our head as we are busy kissing each other. After the shower we both dress up to go..
Me: (***God, is this how you work, thank you for saving me again today. Tuwaley for Bose Ttech baba..***)
I was about to open the door when I heard Ngozi voice calling me..(*** devil is at work ooo***)
Ngozi: baby, where are you
Me:(*** look at Abimbola***)
Abimbola: who is that?
Me: my sister
Abimbola: your sister is calling you baby, I want to see her and greet her.
Me: (trying to hold her) no need let’s will greet her next time.
Abimbola: don’t dare hold me..
She climbed upstairs. I felt like running away but that won’t solve anything. I have to stay before they kill their selve. I was hearing shout inside but I don’t have the courage to face them especially ABIMBOLA. I was still standing there thinking of what to do when I heard ” Chineke mu eeeh, my head ooo.” I rushed up stairs, I met Abimbola on top of Ngozi. I tried to separate them but they insisted on fighting. I forcefully pulled Abimbola off Ngozi which made her to give me a dirty slap. I failed on top of the dinning chair. I was still trying to recover from the the slap Abimbola gave me when I saw her with long kitchen spoon, running out of the kitchen to meet Ngozi who was holding our DSTV remote control and a glass cup. I rush out from the chair to hold Abimbola so they won’t hurt their selve. I was still hold Abimbola’s hand when the glad cup Ngozi was holding just pieces on my head… That’s all I can remember…….


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