Me And Abimbola – Season 2 Episode 15

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☆☆I was surprise seeing my madam in that mood. I looked at her erected boobs and A-s, I was unable to hold my self again. My J0yst!ck that has been standing like an electric pole since has gotten more harder immediately. In fact I can’t wait to sU-Ck her two watermelon. She moved closer to me, put on the shower, then hold my J0yst!ck and romanced it. She pulled her mouth closer to mine until attraction occurs. We kissed and she was busy romancing my J0yst!ck.. She bent down, dipped my J0yst!ck inside her mouth and s—-d it. I was m0an!ng so high because she has her special way of sU-Cking. She was very good at it.I located her two booby..I sq££zed it and tickle her n—-e..she s—-d my J0yst!ck for about 4 minutes.. She stood up and face me. I grabbed her two boobs, deep them inside my mouth one after the other. I s—-d her booby while she was busy giving me hand job. I put one of the booby down, using one hand to hold her A$$ and the other hand to deep the other booby inside my mouth. I sq££zed her booty up and down, left and right before she position her booty in a d—-e style. I mounted my J0yst!ck inside and she left out a high m0an. I started digging hole, going in and out. In fact her booty was the sweetest of all. I carried one of her Leg up, hung it on the water tap to give me one leg up style. I start bleeping, going in and out. She was enjoy the lamber that am giving her. We bleeped in the bathroom for about 12minuts before we decide to change location. We started kissing and moving to the bedroom simultaneously. When we got to the bedroom, I pushed her and she fell on the bed with her back side and spread her lags for me to mount my electric pole. I deeper my J0yst!ck inside and I started spooning in and out. She was m0an!ng so hard which shows that I was giving her more than her husband. We decide to change to woman on top style. She climbed on top of me, insert my J0yst!ck inside her K!ttyC@t. She was seriously going up and down on my J0yst!ck. About 5 minutes on woman on top style, she pulled up and deep my J0yst!ck on her mouth… She s—-d it so passionately. It was as if am going to c-m.. She pulled her mouth and position in a d—-e style again.. I insert my J0yst!ck inside her k—y cat… I was spooning it until i was about to c-m. I pulled my J0yst!ck out from her k—y cat, dipped it inside her mouth, she s—-d it until I cumed inside her mouth. We were both tired. I was tickling her k—y cat and she was romancing my J0yst!ck as we rest. We lied on the bed resting for an hour before I checked my time and it was already 3 minutes past 10. I went straight to the bathroom to take my bath. Water from the shower was dropping on my head when she entered in the bathroom naked. She came close to me, held my J0yst!ck and dipped it inside her mouth. She started sU-Cking while I grabbed her n—-e and played with. She bent down,positioning her k—y cat in front of my J0yst!ck to give me easy penetration. I started spooning again. I bleeped her for about 15 minutes before I cumed on her boobs. We both took our bath together. I dressed my self and we walked together to the car so she can drop me off.

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