Me And Abimbola – Season 2 Episode 14

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☆☆I was still lying down on the back sit when she took her purse from were she kept it and left. I was dumfounded. I couldn’t say anything as she was leaving. I thaught it was time to performe some movie inside the car. I killed the thought and went straight to the dancing floor. I was grooving to Timaya song when my phone rang… I checked it and it was Ttech.

(left the scene) hello Tunji

 how is the church going nah..

Me: church kee..nah club she Cary me go ooo…as I dey talk to you now.. I dey one club for Ojota dey groove with her.

 omo make sure you bleep her…I swear if you succeed in bleeping her, all your problem is settled..

Me: what do you mean?

Ttech: ones you bleep her, you go dey request money anytime from her and she don’t have choice than to give you, because she will be afraid that you might leak her secret to her husband if you get angry.

 hmmm… I hope this won’t put me into another problem. This is how you started bblondon own and I nearly run mad because of the problem entered into.

 wise up bro..she dey there with u.?.

Me: nooo she dey dance inside…

 OK nah, make sure you buy ice cream come for me…

 OK no problem

Ttech: AY wants to speak with you

 OK give him nah…

AY :
 see just buy two chicken lap if you dey come…


werey boy, were the money dey?

 you sugar mummy will give you nah

 you no well. …no problem… I will get it for u…

AY: OK, I dey Ttech place… Abeg no too bleep your sugar mummy ooo

 you no well

I went back to meet my madam after the end of the conversation. We danced and drank as if there is no other day left to live. I checked my time and it was already 9:03pm. Time to go my madam said. We both entered the car and left the club. I was thinking of buying ice cream and chicken for my guys when she drop me in front of my school but I was surprised when we get to my school and she resist to stop.

 madam please am to stop in front of the school but you just passed it now.

 don’t worry, I will bring you back. I have surprise for you. You cant just make me happy today and go empty is not done like that.

Me: (***omo.. This one nah blessing upon blessing.. At least if nah 10k, that one do me***) OK ma..

We got to her place around 9:34pm. I never new that my madam was so reach to that extent. I saw her massive house with four cars parked at the car park. The arrangement of her parlor was great… Immediately I fell in love with her house… I wish I was the one living in such place. Well, I know one day I will living in bigger one..I was still lost in thought when I had my name…


 come upstairs and take your bath…

Me: don’t worry ma, I will do that when I get home..

Madam: you can’t go like this, you are smelling…

We argued a little bit before I concur to her opinion. She took me to her bedroom..asked me to sit down while she take her own bath first. She served me fruit juice before entering the bathroom. I was busy sipping my fruit juice when the bathroom door opened..i looked up and my eyes went straight to her laps which the towel was not able to J0yst!ck started reacting to the atmosphere.she threw a white towel to me and I headed straight to the bathroom. I removed all my cloth but my J0yst!ck refuse to calm down..I was trying to calm it down when the bathroom door opened…I looked up and I saw my madam dropping her towel she tied on her body…

(***shuu***) something serious is about to happen…

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