Me And Abimbola – Season 2 Episode 13

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☆☆She wore mini skirt which exposes her laps.. My eyes kept on viewing her laps.. The more I look the more my J0yst!ck gets hard. I have to use style to place my J0yst!ck underneath my buzzers. *** is this what she is wearing to church, omo pastor self go fall Gan***.i Glanced through her laps to her boobs.. Wow, she is a blessed woman.. Seeing her two big erected boobs, I forgot the fact that she is married. The thought of bleeping her started running through my mind.I was lost in thought when I noticed that she parked at one tantalizer in Ikeja. I was moved to ask her why we are in tantalizer instead of church but I couldn’t find the courage to ask. I decided to play along what ever she wants to do. We both entered the tantalizer, Davido music was playing at the background and the atmosphere there was so lovely. She asked me to oder what ever I want. ***see opportunity, God you are wonderful***. I asked how much is pizza from the attendant.

 #5000 sir

 OK, give me one pizza, one ice cream and one chicken lap.

 OK sir

I went to meet my madam where she was sitting.

 where are your oder?

she is coming with it…

 am sorry I had to lie to you about going to church. The truth is that, I wanted to go and catch fun today and I had no one to follow me. Going only me will definitely make it boring for me..that’s why I involved you. You should be happy.


Me: yes I am.. But what about your husband?

Madam: he is not around….

 what about your children?

 I have only one daughter. She traveled and she will be back soon..

Me: no problem…

Not less than two minutes… My offer was passed down to me. We ate together and I cracked some jokes to make her laugh.. Around 6:30pm, she told me that she felt like dancing, that it has been a long time she danced. *** omo time to rock***. She suggested that we should go to one club at Ojota. We got there around after seven because traffic wasn’t much… We occupied one round table… I was surprised when she ordered for six bottles of Legend.. We started drinking and grooving on OLAMIDE MUSIC (STORY FOR THE GODS)playing very loud. I was still yet to finish my first bottle of Legend while my madam was in her third bottle. I started noticing unusual behavior due to the way she talks,laugh and joke with me. One can easily think we are boyfriend and girlfriend. But I already know that it is the work of shayo. After her fourth bottle, she stood up and started dancing… She called me to join her but i don’t have moral to do that. I was afraid.. I was watching her as she dance, as her boobs and A$$ bounce as she dance my J0yst!ck kept on reacting…*** I can’t allow this k—y cat to go just like this, I have to do something before it is too late***
I opened three bottles and drank all as quickly as possible… My eyes was already getting tiny.. At that moment, as I was looking at my madam, I was thinking she was Abimbola. I jumped up from my seat, dance to where my madam is. We started dance together, I was Afraid to hold her waist as we dance. Later I summoned courage to do that. I held her waist, romanced it and she didn’t ulter a word, instead she turned her A$$ and placed it on my J0yst!ck. My J0yst!ck was nearly cut off from the socket immediately she rotate her 360 A$$ on it.


As the dance was going on, she asked me to bring her purse from the back seat of her car. I went but I couldn’t find the purse. I was still searching it when she approached me and pushed me inside the back seat…

(*** wow,inside car? this must be something heavy not light***)

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