Me And Abimbola – Season 2 Episode 10

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☆☆I went straight to the toilet. I was still washing my hand when she entered and lock the door. I stared at her and smile, because I know she is about to give me something light
After washing my hand, I excused her her to wash hers. She bent down to wash hers, positioning her booty in my direction. My J0yst!ck grew so hard when I saw the line of her pant showing inside her short mini skirt. I couldn’t help it any longer but to move closer to her and grab her waist as she was still washing her hand. I rubbed her from back down to her booty, I sq££zed it a little before she stood up. I was thinking she will get mad at me for rubbing her A$$, instead she rested her two hands on my shoulder and gave me a kiss. Her two boobs was resting on my chest. I moved my hand down to her A$$, sq££zed it like never before. I dragged her skirt down living her with only pant and top. I started tickling her kitycat. I new she was already in spirit because of her tone of m0an. I was trying to pull her pant down when she removed her hand from my shoulder, placed it on my buzzers, then brought out my hardened J0yst!ck. She romanced it as we are still on our kissing journey. The kissing was getting boring when she decided to perform something different. She bent down, dipped my J0yst!ck inside her mouth. She s—-d me as if am going to die in next 10minutes. I removed her top, looking at those big and large boobs inside her red bra, my J0yst!ck wanted to explode. I removed my J0yst!ck from her mouth, placed it in the middle of her two boobs which was still inside bra, I bleeped her b—-t like 2 minutes before she positioned her A$$ in a doggy style to give me something light. I bent her down to hold the WC in front of her to give me better Penetration. I searched my wallet but I couldn’t find any condom.

Me: baby I am not with condom..

 don’t worry about condom, am OK
I dropped my wallet, I mounted my J0yst!ck inside and she left out a deep m0an. I started digging hole. For about 4 minutes of doggy style. She stood up, I unbutton her bra, looking at those massive boobs, I felt like eating them. I dipped it inside my mouth and s—-d them one after the other. She was enjoying it I can tell that. She lyed on the ground not minding that there was no bed that it was just ordinary floor. Without wasting time, I climbed on top her, insert my cassava, and I started running 100 meter race. I was going in and out and she was shouting on a low tempo. We decided to change the style to woman on top style. She climbed on top me and insert my J0yst!ck inside her by her self. She started jumping up and down with her two b—-t jiggling simultaneously. As she was going up and down, I grabbed her boobs and sq££zed it. I held her A$$ and sq££zed it. I was about to c-m when she climbed down, dipped my cassava inside her mouth and s—-d it for the second time. I cumed on her b—-t and she s—-d my J0yst!ck to dry the c-m. I don’t feel like living her, I felt like bleeping more but am already tired as well as her. we cleaned our self up with the available water. We was about going when I remembered that I had a sound on the door when we was bleeping, because of the level of konji I couldn’t check what the sound was all about and I believed that she locked the door as she entered.

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 I had a sound on the door during our action movie

 I locked it when I entered nah.

 let me check if it is locked

 (still wearing her cloth) OK.
I checked and the door was not locked.

 yeeeh, ngozi you didn’t lock it!!!

 that can’t be possible. I did lock it nah. Am very sure of that.

We checked the key and found out the key was not good again.

Ngozi: does it mean that someone saw us.

Me: am not sure, it might be breeze that made the sound.don’t worry let’s go.

We went back to engineering room to rest. Not less that 10 minutes, one of the students entered the room and told me that the madam wants to see me. Out of curiosity, I ask the guy why she was calling me. But he said he has no idea. I followed the guy to the office. Madam ordered the guy to live and ask me to have a seat. I sat down and waited to hear what she was about to say.

 were are you come from?

engineering room ma

 I mean, where have you been?

 engineering room ma

 rely, all I want from you is the truth, nothing but the truth.

 OK ma

 what were you doing with Ngozi in the toilet not quite long?

(Gan Gan ) nothing ma, we went to wash our hand after eating that’s all.

Madam: I no you will find it difficult to say, but let me tell you, I saw everything that happened inside the toilet. How you was digging hole, how you was busy going in and out. But I want to warn you, that should not happen again. Am I understood?

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 yes ma.

Madam: before you go, you will help me and buy something down stairs.

Me: what’s that ma.

 take this 1000 naira, buy jellof rice and chicken with one small staut.

I left her office, and I was busy imagining my madam reactions towards me. Upon she doesn’t take nonsense from anybody talkles the students. She still gave me money to buy food for her, regardless of my just finished action movie. ***well all way nah way, if is only food she wants me to buy for her, I will buy***) is alright

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