Me And Abimbola season 2 episode 1

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  • Abimbola:(resting her head on my laps) baby!Me: yes Bae

     I think you should find something to do instead of staying at home everyday doing nothing.

     exertly, I taught about it last week.

    (tickling me on my chest) so what are you up to?

    Me: yes, I want to start computer training. I have told my uncle about it and he reasoned with me.

    Abimbola:(busy stressing her hand down to my belt) so when are you starting?

    ( my J0yst!ck already understood the message) on Monday to be precise.

    ( finally opened my belt, deeped her hand from down side of my buzzers and locate my J0yst!ck) that will be good. But don’t look at any other girl or else I will fight you.

     (moving my hand down to her A$$) am I mad, what am I looking for in another girl that you don’t have?

    I pushed her mouth closer to my mouth and we started kissing. She continue romancing my d–k while I was busy squeezing her A$$ and boobs. I wasn’t enjoying the squeezing of her boobs anymore because she was still putting on her cloths and bra. So I decided to remove her cloth. I lifted her cloth up to her stomach which reveals her pant and hot booty A$$. I decided to pull the cloth up to her boobs to know weather she will urther a word. But to my greatest surprise, she lifted her two hands up notifying me to do quick and remove the cloth. Immediately, I removed the cloth and throw it on the floor. On setting my eyes on that two big paw paw, my J0yst!ck started bouncing. I grabbed the two boobs together with the bra. I sq££zed her b—-t while she was busy romancing my J0yst!ck. I moved ahead to loose her bra, I tried loosing the bra but it was very tight that I wasn’t able to loose it. ***chaii, is it bra again today, Abeg this bra should pack well ooo***. She noticed that the bra was given me tough time and I have wasted time on it, so she decided to help. She open the bra for me. I nearly c-m on seeing those boobs in front of me. I grabbed the two booby and s—-d them simultaneously. She started m0an!ng slowly. Like two minutes into her boobs, I decided to do something different rather than sU-Cking. I pushed her on her Neal, placed my J0yst!ck between her two b—-t and she donated her hand to hold her boobs. I bleeped her b—-t in and out. My d!ck was so strong that all the vains poped out. A minute after b—-t f**king. She grabbed my J0yst!ck, dipped it into her mouth and s—-d it. She s—-d me down to my two balls, licked it up and down. I held her head with my J0yst!ck inside her mouth, I f—-d her mouth till I c-m inside her mouth. She swallowed my c-m and used her mouth to dry my J0yst!ck. I lifted her up, then kissed her and sq££ze her boobs before we decided to lie down and get some rest. I deeped her boobs into my mouth before we dozed off.

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