I was still talking to my self when my phone rang and i checked it, it was my uncle…..
Me: hello sir
Uncle: how are you?
Me: am fine sir
Uncle: I will be coming back next week Saturday. I want you to clean my room before I come back
Me: OK sir
The call ended and i started calculating the weeks. (*** today is Friday, I still have enough time to parole this girl since he is coming back next week.***) after calculating I decided to prepare my dinner. After taking my dinner around 8 pm, I ping my two master planer on WhatsApp in other to engage them on a group chat. We talked about girls and other things. We later agreed to see ourselves next tomorrow being Sunday.(*** and blessing is also coming on Sunday***) because of blessing, I reminded my master planners to come to my place on Sunday with their babes which they agreed. I checked my time and it was 11:15pm and I decided to sleep. I said my prayers and finally jam my bed.
I woke up around 7:30am with my d!ck standing like an electric pole, (*** thank God is Saturday, one day left for blessing to visit me***) I entered my bathroom, brush my mouth and arranged my self. I prepared a con Flack’s as my breakfast. I was enjoying my breakfast simultaneously with MTV BASE when my WhatsApp notification tone beep. I checked it and it was a message from Ttech which says” rely am coming around 10pm so we can go for the test” I quickly replied him “OK no problem”. I checked the time it was already 8:30am. I rushed my con flacks and took my bath in other to make my self ready before tunji comes. Around 10:05am, I had a knock on my door. I was not expecting anyone apart from Ttech. So all I have in mind was that; the person knocking must be Ttech. I opened the door.
Me: (shake Ttech) how far bro
Ttech: I dey ooo, hope you are ready
Me: yes, let me lock the door
We called a byke man to take us to Santos layout (estate) in shasha and he said our money was 300 naira, I paid him and we drove off. We landed at Santos around 10:30am and we headed straight to one LAB inside Santos. On getting there we meet a lady who have to be the owner of the LAB
Me & Ttech: good morning ma
Lady: you are welcome, how may I help you people?
Ttech: we came to conduct HIV test.
Lady: who among the two of you?
Ttech pointed at me. The lady asked me to follow her inside one room located inside the lab. I was observing her A$$ and her hips as we were going inside(*** if say u no be person wife I would have bleep you here. See A$$, chaiii***) I was still thinking when she asked me to give her one of my hand. She collect my blood and ask us to come back around 5pm for the result. Since all this while, I never had rest of mind. I have many questions going through my mind
Me: (*** what if I finally test positive, will I die? This is my end.***)
Many things was going through my mind. Me and Ttech decided to go home and wait till 5pm. I opened my door, take my laptop and launch winning eleven, we played until both of us dose off. I woke up and check my time and it was already 4:44pm, I immediately wake Ttech up. We called a byke man to take us there. On getting there we meet the lady busy with other customer. We were ask to sat down and wait. About 20 minutes later, the woman came out with small envelope. My heart was beating fast, and my master planner was busy telling me to calm down that nothing will happen. The lady called us to meet her inside her office. On getting there, we sat opposite her.
Lady: Mr rely, please listen to all I have to say now
Me: OK ma
Ttech: ( giving me sign to calm down that all is well)
Lady: this is not the end of the world, there are many HIV positive out there living there life, testing positive is not the end of the world as I said earlier, I will advice you to use condom when ever you want to have intercourse with any woman to avoid the transmission of this disease…
Me: please ma, am I positive or negative?
Ttech: bro calm down let her finish talking…
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