I was still praying to God when my phone rang. I checked it and it was from unknown number.
Me: hello, who is this
Caller: ( with calm and sweet voice) is me blessing
Me: which blessing?
Caller: we meet at the field the other day.
Me: blessing!!!!! My joystick stood immediately.
Blessing: is unfair rely, u forgot me just like that. Is it because am not your girlfriend?
Me: is not like that baby, it just that I was very busy
Blessing: OK how are we going to see
Me: can you come over to my place next tomorrow?
Blessing: yes, but I don’t know your place
Me: don’t worry about that, I will send you my address right after this call.
Blessing: OK love, keep something for me OO
Me: (*** don’t worry, my d!ck is waiting for you***) no problem dear, and you bring something if you are coming.
Blessing: no problem love, I will bring myself
Me: ( *** I immediately visualize how her booty and boobs are. This one will be a day to remember***)
We talked for about 5 more minutes before we say goodbye and she promise to call me tomorrow. I turned to Ttech and told him all we discussed on phone and as my master planner and my blood, he ask me to use condom no matter what. We continue to discuss about blessing until Ttech told me he want to go, that he is expecting a big booty Bae. I have nothing to say than to shake my guy and we bid goodbye. I stood in front of my house and watch Ttech and byke man drove off. I enter inside my room and started rehearsing how next tomorrow will be. I started arranging my room, I washed the bed sheet and clean the cobwebs. I checked my condom pack and I found out that it was only one condom that remain. I rushed out side and purchase one pack immediately and come back. I continued my rehearsal on how I will press her A$$ and squeeze her boobs, how I will raise one of her legs and give her one leg up style and how I will give her my favorite style (doggie style).
Me: (*** chaii next tomorrow go bad, I will give her front and back, left and right. She will know that my joystick is not for fancy***)
I was still talking to my self when my phone rang and i checked it, it was my uncle…..
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