Me And Abimbola Episode 9

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I was about to mount my J0yst!ck into her k—y cat when she held my J0yst!ck……
Bb: rely remove that condom please
Me: which condom?
Bb: the one you are wearing
Me: (with surprise face) why?
Bb: I don’t like condom, I prefer flesh so we can enjoy it better.
Me: (*** oloshi, you wan give me disease***) but we will still enjoy it with the condom
Bb: please love
We argued about removing and wearing the condom for about 3 minutes before she insert my J0yst!ck inside her mouth and sU-Ck it for like 2 minutes and she gently remove the condom from my J0yst!ck. I didn’t say anything because all that full my head is to bleep. After she remove the condom, she lye on the bed and I lye ontop her( man on top style). I mounted my J0yst!ck and she m0an slowly while I continue digging in and out. I bleep her like 5 minutes when we decided to change style. She stood up and push me to the bed( woman on top style) *** chaiii BBLONDON is s-x guru*** she sat on top my d!ck and dip my J0yst!ck in her p—y. she started going up and down while I was m0an!ng.
The style lasted for 7 minutes when she decided to give me d—-e style ( my favorite style) I stood and she Neal down on the bed and place her hand on the bed, which reveals her A$$ very well so I can her a better penetration. I
[email protected] her with more energy. She was m0an!ng on high tempo ( please give it to me, f**ch that A$$, oooh my goodness, oooh yeeh, damm it.) D—-e style lasted for 10 minutes and i pulled out my J0yst!ck. She sU-Ck my J0yst!ck until I c-m on her face. Both of us was very very weak so we decide to rest. We are still gisting when BBLONDON dozed off. I use that opportunity to sleep too. I was still sleeping when I feel someone tapping me. (Rely wake up). I woke up and it was Bblondon.
Bb: were is bathroom, I want to take my bath and start going.
Me: (check my time) it already 3:30
Me: OK love
I stood up and we both enter bathroom together to shower..we are done removing bra and bussers when our mouth lock together and we started kissing again. She sU-Ck me like 4 minutes when she positioned in d—-e style and I was spooning in and out. It lasted for 15 minutes before I c-m on her chest. We took our bath and I was still planning on how to convince her to sleep over. We came out of the bathroom together and she was still making up when I took my phone to call my master planner(Ttech).
Ttech: hello bro
Me: bro I dey ooo, please I have little problem now
Ttech: you done f**ck her to death?
Me: you know well
Me: she say she wan go now
Ttech: go kee!! Nooo she mush sleep over
Me: how will I convince her?
Ttech: it is very simple; tell her that you don’t have money at home to give her, that she should give you 5 minutes to rush to the ATM to widraw some money.
Me: but I have enough money with me here
Ttech : ode, tell her first, then after that, enter byke and come to my place
Me: your place kee, why nah
Ttech: you want her to sleep over abi?
Me: yes
Ttech: then do as I said
Me: OK boss, but this should better bring good out come ooo
Ttech: trust me
Me: OK ooo… How your side nah Ttech: omo, I dey with Chidimma since yesterday
Me: chisos, baaad guy
Ttech: omo, that girl baaad, she nearly finish me. She give me 12 styles today.
Me: you don’t mean it, 12!!!
Ttech: bro I done c-m tire… I don’t even know weather I still have sperm on my body now
Me: chaiii that means I still dey learn work be that. Nah only 3 style Bblondon give me.
Me: well, go buy banana eat ooo… To generate sperm back.
Ttech: nah banana I dey eat like this
Me: chaiii she still dey there?
Ttech: yes nah, she they go tomorrow, this night go be fire.
Me: joor oooo.. Take it easy bro, let me go and tell her as you said Ttech: OK nah, I dey wait for you
I ended the call and went inside to tell blessing what Ttech said.
Me: wow you look sweet
Bb: thanks love
Me: so how much do you need now to go back
Bb: I want to buy some provisions, my provisions has finish
Me: ( ***gbagam no be only provisions, you will still buy vision pro***) wow, how much will be OK for you
Bb: 5k will be OK
Me: **** chisos oloshi 5k because I wan come pay your bride price mtcheeeeeew****
Me: OK, but I don’t have any money with me here, just give 5 minutes to rush to the ATM and widraw some money.
Bb: ooooh and you know am coming. I don’t like all this kind of a thing
Me: am sorry love, I won’t stay long
Bb: OK , I have heard you. You can go but don’t stay long ooo.
Me: OK love.
I went outside the gate and wave hand to a byke man to take me to Ttech place. On getting there, I knock on the door and I was shock on who opened the door….

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