Me And Abimbola – Episode 35

[SEASON FINAL] I woke up around 7:30 am. My uncle has already gone to work. I went straight to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. after my breakfast, i brought my standing mirror to the parlor and started reharssing on how to parrol cossy when she comes. I was still in the middle of reharssal when my message tone beeped. i checked it and it was a bank alart notifying me about 15 thousand naira paid by Grace. I got much exited that i couldnt help it. I took my ATM and rush to the bank immidiately.i met a very long queue but i decided to join the queue and wait for my already 11:15am and i have not withdraw my money.i became a little anxious because i still have to prepare rice and stew for cossy. after withdrawing the money around 11:45am. I went straight to a frozen food shop to purchase half kilo of turkey and titus. I went home straight away after the little shoping. I finished preparing stew and rice was almost half done when i had a knock on my door. My joystick jumped up immidiately, i dont need any prophet to tell me it was cossy. Without any hessitation, i rushed to the door, opened it, lol and behold, it was cossy. she huged me, pressing her two small boobs on my chest, at this time, my joystick became more harder. We both entered inside. Cossy: wow, your place is cute Me: thanks baby. So how are you and your day Cossy: fine and somehow Me: why somehow? Did anything happen to you? Cossy: not that, it was just that, i was busy thinking about your proposal.
Me: [ a little bit anxious] then what is my faith now? Cossy: [ light up a small smile] Me: does that smile means yes? cossy:[ Nods her head in a sign of yes] Me: jumped up and hug her, immidiately i placed my lips on hers and kissed her. I was moving my hand up to her boobs when she said.. Cossy: wait..wait..wait.. where is my food Me: it remain small. Just relax Cossy: can i take a look at it in the kitchen Me: thats ok but on one condition Cossy: what condition? Me: dont later claim you helped me out during the cooking Cossy: [smile]ok sir She went straight to the kitchen which i followed her. She stood on a position which reveals her A$$ to have a taste of my stew. I was busy staring at her A$$ and her curvy waist. Immidiately, i grabed her waist from back, she turned to face me. I stared closly to her eyes before our lips padlock each other. I squeezed her A$$ and boobs contineously. I lifted her up and caried her to the parlor. I removed her top cloth, and i was about to remove her bra when we started smelling a burning smoke and that must be my rice.[*** God, why must this robbish rice start burning at this point in time, see fuck up***]. Cossy: rely stop, go and check you rice. I stood up with my joystick pulling out of my burssers. Cossy dressed her self up and join me in the kitchen to dish the food. After eaten and gisting, cossy was set to go but am not yet satisfied. I drag her closer to me and we started kissing. i dipped my hand inside her bra and locate her nipples, i started tickling it and squeezing her booty with the other hand while cossy was busy moaning small small. I tried removing her cloth but this time she refused. Cossy: rely, this is to early. We just started dating today. We shouldnt go this far now. Me:[*** this rice have u see what you cursed. Now i cant bleed this fresh kittycat***] ok baby, no problem, i will respect you Cossy: [kissed me ] thanks baby She left my place around 3:30pm and i was still swearing for the rice for geting burnt. I went to the kitchen to dish small food for my self when i had a knock on my door. I opened the door and it was AY. We shaked hand and we both entered inside. After having the meal together, we decided to go to our usual field to watch football. Around 5:25pm my phone rang, i checked the screen and it was cossy. Cossy:hello baby, thanks for today Me: dont mention Cossy: i want to tell you that me and my friend is coming to visit you tomorrow. Me: ok baby, but that should be evening time because i wont be around during afternoon time Cossy: ok baby. i love you.
She hang up. Me and AY got home around 8:15 pm. i saw AY off and i rushed home immidiately. I arranged my uncles meal on the dinning table before taking my physics textbook to read. I finished reading Nuclear physics and solve small problems in Permutation and Combination on my Further Mathematics. I checked my time and it was alread 3:15am so i decided to get some sleep. ************************************ I woke up around 8:30am due to late sleep. I started thinking about the dream i had where bblondon was chassing me with cutlass.*** well bblondon has gone, so how can she possibly come back and chase me with cutlass.*** after the short thinking and quiet time, i hiss and rushed to the kitchen to prepare something to eat. After my meal, i washed my cloths then set for another round of sleep because i have to read my books during the night. I managed to get up when i had my phone ringing tone. I checked it and it was cossy. Me: hello baby Cossy: hi baby, we are outside the gate Me: ok, am coming to meet you guys now. I hanged up on her. I washed my face then went outside the gate. On geting there, i saw cossy and a beautiful, curvy and sexy girl which i believe to be cossys friend. *** God, this girl is superb, see her boobs, her A$$ and everything, cossy no even fine reach quarter of her beauty, how will i bleep this girl now*** i was still thinking when i had cossy voice Cossy: baby, me and my friend are going somewhere so we decided to see you Me: [*** shot up, abi you want to show me to your friend] ok babe, are you guys going now? Cossy: yes sweetie Me: no problem see you tomorrow, besides i will call you this night. They was about to go when the konji in me reminded me that i didnt ask cossys friend her name Me:hello, you didnt tell me your name, meanwhile, my name is rely Cossys friend: My name is ABIMBOLA Me: wow, abimbola.. abimbola.. abimbola… I was shouting abimbola till i got to my room. I was visualizing abimbolas asset when my phone rang. I checked the caller but the number was hidden. I didnt pick it till the third time. Me: hello, who is this please Caller: rely Me:[ a little bit scared] how do you know my name? Who are you? Caller: am blessing Me: bblondon? Caller: yes Me: *** yeeeeh, my dream has finally come true ooo, so this girl will finally cut me into pieces with cutlass*** [pretending to be nice] how are you baby? Bblondon: save your fake greatings, open your facebook now.
Me: why… She didnt wait for me to finish saying `why` before hanging up. I tried calling the number back but i couldnt because it was hidden.
So i opened my facebook and i saw a message form one Cynthia Morison.
I got scared to open the message but later, i made up my mind to open the message. Immidiately the message opened, i nearly collaps on what i saw.

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