Me And Abimbola – Episode 34


cossy: hi, i guess you are smile
Me: exactly, so how are u doing?
Cossy: am fine, u have been ignoring me on facebook why? Did i do anything wrong?
Me: is not like that, is just that i dont like chatting that much
cossy: ok oo, thankgod we met today
Me: yah, so what did you bring for me?
Cossy: nothing, what about you, what did you bring for me?
Me: i brought joy, happiness and love for you
Cossy: i dont want your girlfriend to kill me ooo
Me: girlfriend kee, i dont have any
Cossy: all boys are the same, must you lie to me
Me: am serious, am single. What about you?
Cossy: my boyfriend is playing me so am searching for now
Me: {***with this your small A-s and Boobs, well i will manage you, beside everybody can not be bblondon***} thankgod we met each other to day
Cossy: What do you me?
Me: you know exerctly what i meant
The conversation took almost 2hours. I didnt care about what the time says because i was really enjoying the conversation and with the mindset of seeing any new [email protected] to be bleep, so i didnt care about time. Me and cossy stood together bussy chatting and laughing simultaneously till 9:30 pm when she said she wants be going that her mummy will soon be worried of her where about. I offered to accompany her which she dosent mind. I was contemplating weather to ask her out immidiately or i should wait till our next visit. We are almost getting closer to her mummys shop when i concluded within me to ask her out.
Me: cossy please i have two request to make, and i hope is not too early to say this.
Cossy: you can ask anything
Me: { *** is alright***} firstly, can you visit me tomorow in my place, i dont have anywhere to go and i dont want to be bored at home
Cossy: what about your people?
Me: everybody will go to work accept me
cossy: ok no problem. I will come but make sure ,you prepare food for me ooo
Me: Why not? My friends due call me Mr chef because i can cook for africa. You have no problem.
Cossy: ok ooo let me wait till tomorow to see nah
Me: so the last request is ee…m…eee…m…you… you… you said you are searching for a guy, since when i saw you today, i felt you are the woman for me, the moment i saw you, i fell inlove, yes! I fell inlove, it might not make sence to you now but if you can accept me as your guy, i promise you, you wont regret it. I want you to be my girlfriend cossy.
Cossy: are you for real?
Me: { *** No am for spirit***} yes baby, just give me a chance, i know you will enjoy it.
Cossy: i will give you my reply when i come tomorow, is that ok?
Me: perfect, is ok to me since is ok to you.
Cossy: {laugh} hahahaha
We stood there a little bit before i bid here farewell and headed back home. I got home around 7:15, i warmed the food, make eba for my self and my brother. After eating mine, i decided to update ttech and AY.
Me: ttech how far
Ttech: rely baba, i dey ooo and u nko
Me: same bro, i just wan gist you about that coosybliss nah
Ttech: you done bleep her
Me: u no well, she dey come my place tommorow, so definetly it will happen tommorow.
Ttech: no dulling baba, collect your own go.
Me: nah so nah, how that Bisola wey you tell me nah.
Ttech: you no me nah, i no dey dull nah, i done bleep her this afternoon. Omo that girl waist nah die…she nearly finish me
Me: bad guy, girl no go kill you
our chat ended around 8:10pm. I called AY to update him because he wasnt online on Whatsapp. I told AY how everything went and he advised me to use condom if at all i want to bleep cossy. After the call, i opened my FIFA 14 GAME and played till 10:45pm before jaming my bed with my mind full of the styles am going to give cossybliss.

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