Me And Abimbola – Episode 32


I whispered to my self, then scroll down to read their chat…
Hard stone : grace this is unfair.
Grace: (no reply)
Hard stone : You know about this and still you allowed me.
Grace: ( no reply)
Hard stone: Grace please talk to me, am pleading with the name of God
Grace: no reply *** Haba, why is this guy pleading this way and grace kept mute at him. What is wrong? *** I got curious to find out what happened between hard stone and grace. So, I continued reading their conversation.
Hard stone: grace please don’t keep silent on me, lets find a solution to this problem…
*** I cleaned my face to see clearly***
Grace: ( no reply)
Hard stone: God will judge you and your family for puting me in this condition. it will never be well with you and your family for putting me in this condition. Am in so much pain now, please help me.
Grace: what is your problem mr man
Hard stone: my problem is you, why did you destroy my life like this..
Grace: you want to know
Hard stone: yes, i want to know why you cut my life so shot.
Grace: the guy who transmitted this virus to me never told me he was living with the virus, he made me fell in love with me. He took my viginity away from me and infected me with this virus. So, since then, I am in pain and I swore to pass it to as many man, guy, boy, baby, and lady as possible. So don’t blame me Mr man and find solution to your problem or join me to spread the virus. We can’t die alone on this.
Hard stone: You are such a wicked lady, upon all men out there, I am the only one who you can think of..
Grace: point of correction, you are not the only one. I have slept with almost 76 married men’s and almost 100 young guys out there whom I believe will test positive.
Hard stone: you are a Jezebel, Agent of darkness.. God will surely punish you on these. God won’t let you go free just like that. Hope you know that?
Grace: you can call me whatever you want, I don’t care. Before the end of this week, Another person is going to text HIV positive
*** I swiped the phone status bar down to check date… I found out that the conversation was made two days ago which was TUESDAY and today is THURSDAY. Yeeeeeeeeeeh I am the one she was referring to ooo..****
I decided to stop reading and take a screen shot so I can forward it to Ttech immediately on WhatsApp then come back and continue from where I stopped. After taking the screen shot, I opened my flashshare and foward it first to my phone. Then I was about to open my WhatsApp to send those screenshop to Ttech when her phone started ringing…
Me: ***yeeeeeeeeeh I didn’t close the chat oooo and I didn’t even delete the screenshot from her phone*** I tried to silent the call but I guessed should already had the ringing tone.
Grace: who is that calling?
Me: ( look at the phone again) is your mummy
Grace: can I have the phone please
Me: No need dear, we are already close to the house nah. So picking it will be a waste of airtime.
Grace: No my mummy doesn’t like it when some one ignores her call no matter what. Especially when it has to do with me.
Me: ok, ( hand over the phone)
*** What kind of devil is this, why will her mother have to call at this point in time.*** Grace was busy with the call while I was busy praying for a magic to delete those screenshot and close the chat. After the call, because she passworded her phone, so her phone locked which she didn’t bother to unluck it and she went on to plug it with car charger.
Me: ( ***how will I collect this phone back. Must she charge it now? Mtcheeew***) hi dear please can I have your phone, I was in middle of a game when the phone rang***)
Grace: please let it charge a little. You know games drain battery faster. ( she pressed the phone power button) as you can see, it remain only 14%.
Me: (*** why did I mention game self***) are you sure dear?
Grace: yes dear
We got home around 10:15 pm and on my greatest suprice, I met AY and Ttech in front of my apartment waiting for me to come back.. I went straight to hug both of them. After the shot hug, Ttech lifted me up expressing his over whelmed happiness that I am alive. After that, three of us entered inside.
Ttech: baba what really happened
Me: baba no be small thing ooo
AY: (shouted from the kitchen) sweet s£nsat!on and woman for chop your head to day…
Me: AY e be like say you get tetanus for your brain
Ttech: Baba live AY wey never chop since morning and gist me abeg..
Me: Ttech baba
Ttech: that’s my name
Me: you see this our God, he is a merciful God, he saved me two times today… My enemy wants to cut my life shot.
Ttech: oya tell me nah, what happened…
Me: where should I start
AY: baba start somewhere abeg
Me: wait let me show you guys one screenshot on my phone…
I was about opening my gallery when a message icon appeared on my status bar. I swiped my status bar down, opened the message and it was a message from Grace.


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