Me And Abimbola – Episode 31


I brought my phone out to call my two master planners to inform them what situation me and grace are into in case if anything happens, so someone will know our whereabout. I dialed AY number but I had a reply that my account is two low for this call, you can borrow airtime and continue your call, dial *606#. ***hiss**… I requested for grace phone to make the call which she didn’t hesitate to give me. So I typed AY digits and send. He didn’t pick until the third trial.
AY: hello, who is this please?
Me: paddy me, is me
AY: rely whats up, is this your new line
Me: AY please there is no time to explain, we are in danger right now, so I decided to call you and let you know incase anything happens
AY: where are you and what is happening
Me: me and grace are traped in SWEET s£nsat!on at dopemu round about. Robbery operation is going on, so we can’t move to anywhere now that’s why I decided to call you. Please update Ttech
AY: ohh my goodness, OK I will call Ttech now and…
The call ended without me ending it but I taught it was because of poor network coverage. Grace was still scared seeing the arm robbers ordering people to come down from their car one after the other.. I asked her to lock the car both the door and everything
Me: have you lock everything?
Grace: yes
Me: OK, listen to me, if they come here and knock or ask to open the door, don’t try to open it
Grace: OK sir
Me: (adjusted a little at the back sit) come and lie down here. Don’t worry we will be fine. I promise
Grace: I just want to go home rely
Me: *** oloshi, no don’t go home, come and position your A$$ let me bleep you. Idiot)***
We waited there for about 15mins without making a move. Finally it was our turn… Two of the arm robbers approached our car, trying to open it but it wasn’t opening.. They asked us to open it but we kept quiet and silent. I was supeise when one brought out hammer, chissle, with one big iron like that. I was tempted to open the door when I saw those tools.
Grace: please let us open the door, because if they open it by them self and find us here, the will kill us Me: if we open that door, we are a dead goat..
We are still contemplating whether to open the door or not when we saw one of the arm robbers rising the hammer up to hit the glass..
Me: *** God please I know I have offended you in many ways, please forgive me. If today is my last day please forgive me and accept me in your kingdom***
after the short prayer, I started singing worship song to keep my heart clean from sin. I was surprise when grace joined me in the worship..*** so this girl wan go heaven, look at her*** The second arm robber was about hiting the big iron on the glass when one of their member signaled them ; that they should go now… And that’s how God saved us. About 3 minutes later, coast was cleared and everybody was running helter skelter in the manner of scaping to their various places. Grace started the engine and we drove off. We got to VULCANIZER JIMOH, I asked to borrow her phone for the second time to call my two guys and update them because I know they will be worried about me. I called Ttech and I told him that we are fine and we are on our way home. After the call I noticed that Grace was curious to get home so she didnt care about her phone that’s with me. I decided to log in on her Facebook account. I Got suprised when I saw a chat between grace and one guy named HARD STONE…
Me: ( surprised) ***HARD STONE..HARD STONE…HARD STONE….*** I whispered to my self then scroll down to read their chat..

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