Me And Abimbola – Episode 30


What am i thinking, bleeping grace inside her mommy’s car!!. I gazed at grace who was busy answering call. I gazed down to her boobs then straight to her A$$. (*** rely you shouldn’t do this, know matter what, don’t bleep grace, give her more time to know her, let me ask you a question; you and grace just met not less than a week and she is offering you all this, do you know why? Know,I don’t know. Listen to me, remember what Bblondon said, ” you shall pay back”, that means it is not yet over between two of you and you want to go into another one***) I got scared with what my conscience told me, but what got me more scared was remembering Bblondon.
I stared back at grace who was still busy with her call. I wondered who was calling her but from my own observations and the way she was replying to the person I guess it was a guy. I guess she noticed my boredom because her call was now moving from 100m to 500m. My J0yst!ck was already hard enough which made it had for me to hide it from grace and I know she knew. She placed her hand on my chest, “still busy with the call” then she moved it down to my trouser, open my zip and brought my gentle man out. She looked at me and give me a faint smile which says ” let me keep you company until am through with my call. *** is all right*** I taught. She started massaging my J0yst!ck. I was feeling her impact and I was tempted to hold her boobs again and sq££ze them. I moved my had down to her K—y cat, I slided her pant side ways to have an over view of the petroleum industry. I started drilling hole with my hand and she was m0an!ng slowly not minding she was still on call. Two minutes of handjob, I had grace said to her caller ” I will call you back” and she drop the call to focus on the matter on ground. We both migrate to the back site to have a comfortable Bollywood action movie. She grabbed my J0yst!ck, shake it, then stared into my eyes and whispered to me
Grace: you gat a big c–k man
Me: ohh yeah baby
Grace: I like that
Me: you like it?
Grace: yah baby
She dipped my J0yst!ck into her mouth to give me blow job. She was moving her head up and down on my J0yst!ck. *** she is already a pro. The way she handled my J0yst!ck, the way she m0an, the way she move her body, she must have gone many places, she must have handled many J0yst!ck. Know I cant bleep her now, it is too early *** still lost in taught when she positioned in a d—-e style waiting for me to take her to another level. *** know I can’t do this, beside I don’t have a condom with me, I can’t risk my life just like this and I don’t trust her. *** she noticed my sluggishness on mouthing my electric pole, the she asked
Grace: what are you waiting for, don’t keep a woman in mood waiting
Me: am sorry baby, but I don’t have a condom with me
Grace: It doesn’t mean baby, just feel the A$$, drill the A$$ real hard baby..
I got confused. Not only that, my J0yst!ck was busy positioning him self towards the f—–g hole. I can’t help it again, then I decided to penetrate. I was about mounting my god of war into her when someone flashed light on our whlr screen and then we had a gun shot and that must be an arm robbers. On the sound of the gun shot grace jumped up immediately with fear in her eyes and give me a tight hug.. Behold, the spirit of bleeping was know where to be found.. I stared down to her A$$, then move my head back and sU-Ck that mother f—-r boobs before dressing up to think of how to escaped the danger.
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