Me And Abimbola – Episode 29


Me and grace started getting along in fact we became best of friends. She will always call me every time to know where I am. In fact the level she placed our friendship made me to start developing feelings for her. She will always wants to be with me every time, she gets jealous on every girl that approach me.. I started liking her apart from bleeping her which was my main purpose. She started visiting me in my own apartment. We will gist, play, watch television together, at times she will prepare indomie for me to eat before going back. Our friendship was growing stronger not less than a week she moved in. I came back from school on Friday very hungry and tired, I enter the compound, I saw grace in the front of her apartment. I was about calling her name before she saw me and started moving towards me..
Me: hi dear, why are you outside? hope there is no problem
Grace: Not at all dear, I was just waiting for you
Me: waiting for me, what happen?
Grace: nothing, just want you to accompany me to somewhere
Me: but am really tired and hungry now, I don’t think I can go anywhere now..
Grace: (frown) OK if you say so..( she started going back to her apartment)
Me: (i dragged her back) ok.. OK…OK … I will go with you. Where is this place that you want me to follow you to?
Grace: ( with happy face) when we get there you will know.. Just go inside and freshing up, I will be waiting for you down stairs…
Me: OK dear, just give me some minutes
Grace: OK, don’t keep me waiting or else
Me: ( with low voice) or else you will kiss me
Grace: what do you say?
Me: nothing, never mind
I went inside with the thought of what grace ask me running inside my brain. I started thinking many things.. *** what if this girl want to sell me because this is Lagos where everything is possible or what if she is really going somewhere*** I had many questions running inside my head but I decided to ignore those questions and accompany her. I took my bath and dress up immediately without eating anything. I have made up my mind to take something when I come back. I grab my red cap from my Waldrop and dash outside to meet grace. On getting outside, I couldn’t find grace again. I started hearing car horn from outside the compound which I thought it was one of those car hooked up by the traffic. The horn suddenly stopped and someone started waving hand for me from one sienna car parked in front of my compound. I decided to check the person, I was surprise when I saw grace inside the car…
Me: grace what are you doing in someone’s car? Are you not going to the place again?
Grace: (smile) which question should I answer first?
Me: any of the two
Grace: OK, this is my mums car, and am taking it to the place we are going
Me: ( busy staring at her)
Grace: rely please can you stop staring at me and enter inside so that we can go
Me: ***omo this girl nah big girl ooo, see enjoyment***) I dragged the door and pop inside.
Grace: please put on your sit belt Me: ***omo see a.c, chaii this car nah baba***
I was still admiring the car when I saw her park in front of SWEET s£nsat!on OPPOSITE SANTOS LAYOUT ROUND ABOUT DOPEMU. We both came down from the car and I was still confused on what we are doing in sweet s£nsat!on.. So I decided to ask her.
Me: grace
Grace: yes dear
Me: please what are we doing here
Grace: rely am really sorry, I wish to tell you at home but I felt that you might not go with me if I should tell you where we are going to
Me: what do you mean?
Grace: OK rely see, I brought you here to have dinner with you together
Me:( with surprise face) (*** omo see levels ooo, this is called total or absolute grooving.what are we still waiting for here, let go inside jare, where is pizza self***)
I was speechless and I moved closer to her and give her a hug. She felt happy and she grabbed my hand, we both move inside. I ordered for jollof rice with two chicken laps and salad. She ordered for fried rice and and chicken. We were busy eating and discussing along when she ordered for CHIVITA AND YOGHURT. I decided to play small love with her by feeding her with my jollof rice but I started having double mind *** what if she is just doing all these for friends sake or to make her self happy, what if she is not feeling something for me, what if I give her this my jollof rice and she reject it and got annoyed, or should I try..
I decided to forget about love and enjoy my food. I was still battling with my chicken born when she told me that it was already 8:25pm that we she be going home.. I rushed my chicken and she made order for two take away, one for me one for we headed straight to the car. She was about starting the car engine when I held her hand and said…
Me: baby, I appreciate wha…..
Grace: (interrupts ) sssh, don’t say anything
She was staring straight into my eyes, our head started moving closer to each other.
Me: ***wow… bleeping in the car, am I dreaming, please wake me up


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