Me And Abimbola – Episode 28


I watched her as she was going inside. Though I was busy watch her curvy A$$ and hips. *** chaii, see free [email protected] waiting to be drilled
I lost in thought for about a minute before I had someone shouting ” owo mi da, owo mi da” that’s when I remembered that I have unfinished food waiting for me in the dinning. I went in side to finish my food. Though I was eating but the thought of grace is all over my head, I started remembering her curvy A$$ and her well packaged boobs. I covered the remaining food and i decided to engage Ttech and AY on a chat to tell them about grace. Unfortunately AY was not online at the moment so I beeped Ttech immediately.
Me: tech how far
Ttech: rely baba, I dey ooo
Me: guess what?
Ttech: Blessing is pregnant for you Me: you no well
Me: some new tenant just packed in to my compound. If you see their daughter, I swear she be mami water. She is too beautiful.
Ttech: bad boy, I know where all these your praising is going to. You have started thinking of how to bleep her abi.
Me: yes ofcours, that her waist is a pain killer. But there is a little problem
Ttech: what’s that?
Me: I think she is older than me, from my observation I think she will 22 or 23
Ttech: age is not a barrier when it comes to bleeping, all you need to do is to keep your swag rolling and be nice to her. I assure you, that her body will be yours
Me: bad guy. I will try and be close to her. But she seems like a good and social girl. She introduce her self to me not quite long.
Ttech: you mean she came to you and introduce her self to you?
Me: yes
Ttech: that’s the sign.
Me: what do you mean
Ttech: she have signaled you to make a move. She likes you. That’s what we call ” love at first sight ”
Me: but we just met today
Ttech: rely grow up nah, stop thinking like a kid. Listing to me!
Me: OK boss am listening
Ttech: go to their apartment and and ask her if she need any help arranging the house.
Me: what if she say yes
Ttech: that’s it, get on with it, help her and do the arrangement. That will make her develop something for you
Me: I thought you are my friend, you are telling me to go and start arranging someone’s house. Thunder go fire you there.
Ttech: back to sender. But rely do what I told you to do. That will give you access and a solid background to her heart. Remember she is living in the same compound with you, that means anytime anyday you want to bleep, all you have to do is to signal her and she will open it widely for you. Are u getting me now
Me: yes boss, you are right, that means her booby and A$$ belongs to me.
Ttech: your head they there.
Me: tech you know what
Ttech: what
Me: am going down there right now
Ttech: cool down bro
Me: I will update you later.
I offed my data connection and plug my phone with my charger. I did small rehearsal on how to perform the movie. About two minutes of the rehearsal, I was ready to go. I went straight to grace apartment. I knocked and grace came outside. With the look on her face, I don’t need anyone to tell me that she was surprise seeing me in her apartment.
Grace: hi dear
Me: (*** me dear***) **my J0yst!ck signaled immediately** I came to check if you need any help. You know arranging all these things might be stressful so I came to check if I can help.
Grace: oohh that’s so sweet of you, thanks a lot
Me: don’t mention, anything for you
I entered inside with grace and I met some children whom I believe to be her siblings. I entered grace apartment around 6:25 pm. I worked as if some is going to pay me. I was very very tired and I sat down to get some rest, I checked my time, it was already 8:30. I was angry with my self for coming there and for listening to tunji. I was still battling with my self when I had my name “rely” please come and help me to sweep the toilet. With the sound of the voice, I guess it was grace mother. I wanted to sneak out immediately but I composed my self to be a good boy. I was crying inside of me as I was sweeping the toilet. The smell of the toilet is not to write home about. I managed to get true it, I was about dropping the broom when I had grace voice calling me.
Grace: rely where are you? Please can you come and help me to carry this fridge?
Me: oooh my goodness!! Am dead.

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