ME AND ABIMBOLA episode 26


I turned back and face Blessing. I held her n—–s and slightly sq££ze them simultaneously. She was moving her body side ways which gave me strong feeling that she was enjoying it. I unclad my self and I also helped her to unclad too. I straight my hand towards the center table and pick a condom, I gave it to her, she open it and wear it to my erected J0yst!ck. I tuned her back in a d—-e style for easy penetration before she called me and said…
Blessing: baby can you please lick that p—y
Me: ( *** ooh my goodness, me lick p—y, gush rely u are finished, how will I use my mouth to lick a dam p—y.. F–k***)
Me: I don’t like that s–t. I mean I don’t like licking p—y
Blessing: OK baby
I insert my J0yst!ck inside her wet p—y gently, I started digging in and out gently while the tempo of her m0an was increasing gently. I finally open the p—y hole widely before I increase the velocity. I started bleeping her so fast for about 3mins before we decided to change the style. I collected my J0yst!ck out of her p—y. She stood up and lye on the chair to give me “one booty side style”. The style made her A$$ to shoot out very well. I mount my J0yst!ck back to her p—y and I started digging hole.
Everything lasted for almost 50 minutes before everybody got tired. Ttech and his babe went straight to the bathroom to shower first while me and AY wait in the parlor for our own turn. AY was busy kissing and romancing his girl to while away time. Me as a sharp guy, I can’t just waste my own precious time. I pulled out my J0yst!ck and positioned it to blessings mouth. She s—-d me and romanced my two small balls simultaneously. *** wow Blessing knows her to do these very well*** I thought.
It is finally our turn to shower. We headed straight to the bathroom, I put on the shower, water was dropping on own head when Blessing held my d!ck and dipped it inside her p—y. We started another round of s-x for about 5 minutes before we finally had our bath. We dressed up and join ttech and AY in the parlor. Everybody was tired and hungry. I asked Blessing and Bisola to dish food so we can eat before going out because it was already 5:30 pm. We were eating and drinking when my phone rang, I checked the caller it was my uncle, I didn’t pick it until the third one which I was trying to pick before it ended. Immediately the third call end, I had a knock on the door ‘ kooi…kooi…kooi’ *** Jesus, but this man said he is coming back on Saturday, and today is Sunday which means it still remain one week or will it be another person***.
I was still thinking when the person started making an effort to open the door that’s when I made up my mind that it was my uncle.
Me: (*** what will be my explanation that I brought girls into his house***) Please I need your advice..


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