ME AND ABIMBOLA episode 25


I opened the message and it was from blessing which says “rely where are you, I am outside your compound since,please come out”. I went to the parlor, on getting there, Ttech told me that his girl just called now that she is inside the compound… Shuuuuuu did they plan it?
Ttech: plan what?
ME: Blessing is already here too
I went outside to pick the girls. I saw one slim beautiful girl. I was surprise because I was expecting Chidimma but the person I saw was totally different from her.(*** so these guy have change another girl***). I moved closer and welcome both of them. I took them inside to join the dinning. After eating, Everyone was happy and ready to dance and rock. Blessing tapped me and ask
Blessing: so what is it that you have for me?
Me: (*** so your p—y has already started scratching you that you can’t control it abi***) don’t worry babe, you will know in less than 30 minutes.
Blessing: OK sweetie, I can’t wait.
I stood up, open one win and pour to everyone’s tumbler. Everybody stood up to chess
Everybody: ( chorus) TO LONG LIFE AND PROSPERITY
I connected my laptop to our home theater. I decided to play one of the DJ mix that I had. It was Olamide song that started the track and everybody shouted with happiness and dancing spirit. I took three more bottles of African special in other to high my spirit and liver. After taking the three bottles, I looked at Blessing but all I can see was big boobs and a well curvy waist and A$$. I licked my lips and move closer to Blessing who is already waiting for my action. I positioned my d!ck on her A$$, and she turn it up and down with her booty. All I can hear inside me was ” rely is time to bleep”. We danced and rocked for about 1hour 10minutes when i raised my head to check on Ttech and AY on my greatest surprise, Ttech has already remove his girl top and left her with only bra and AY was busy squeezing his girl boobs. On seen Ttech girlfriend boobs, my J0yst!ck erected immediately that I can’t control it. At the moment, I observe that the way Blessing was rocking me is beyond repair which means she is already wet. I said to my self (*** rely! Finally is time to drill blessings hole***) I pulled my self backward and rushed to my Waldrop to take my pack of condom. I drop the condom on the table and move closer to Blessing. I placed my hand on her boobs and sq££ze it (*** chaii, this is one in a million b—-t***). I pulled her cloth up and removed it. I was about to remove her bra when I had I high tempo m0an ” aaaaaah baby, f–k that A$$” I turned back to check who was m0an!ng and I was surprise to see Ttech banging his girl on a d—-e style. I looked at AY who is busy wearing his condom. I was still lost on AY girlfriend booby and A$$ when Blessing tapped me and said
Blessing: rely what are you waiting for?
I was about to alter a word when she pulled my burssers down and deep my J0yst!ck inside her mouth. She was sU-Cking me with passion when I had a loud m0an from bisola and I turned back to check what was happening, on my greatest surprise, I saw AY banging Bisola in a different style that I have not seen before.
Me: surely, you are “baba for girls”

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