ME AND ABIMBOLA episode 20


Meanwhile I had 30 pictures in total inside the album. So I decided to pick them from the floor, I counted the pictures it was 27 left. I checked my Waldrop but I couldn’t find the remaining 3,that was when I remembered what Bb said *** you will pay in a hard way***
Me: yeeeeeeee am finished
Many thought started running inside my minds (*** is this what she meant by I will pay in a hard way?, what is she going to do with my pictures?, did she want to kill me?, should I go after her; but I don’t know where she is now, what will I do now, and I don’t know the particular picture she took, God why is this happening***) I was still thinking when someone echoed my name from parlor. That must be Ttech. I went to parlor to tell my master planner the new development because he must surly have a way out.
Ttech: guy what happened to you, I had you screaming. Did you fall inside the bathroom?
Me: guy am finished, ( behaving as if am going to die immediately) Bblondon has finished me ooo,I no that girl want something from me. She have succeeded
Ttech: what happen, did she poison you?
Me: if it is poison, that one is better. As I went inside now, I found my pictures on the floor, I pack them and I found out that 3 was missing.
Ttech: how do you know that it was Bb that took them?
Me: she was the last person to leave here, and beside the pictures was inside my Waldrop when I left in the morning
Ttech: hmmm, that girl, I was telling you but you wont listen, if she come back now you will still fall for her A$$ and bleep her.
Me: this is not blaming time, how are we going to come out of this one now.
Ttech: you still have her number on your phone?
Me: yes
Ttech: call her now and ask her if she saw any of your picture
Me: OK I brought my phone out and dial her number. It didn’t connect , I tried again but it wasn’t connecting
Ttech: cool down nothing will happen I assure you. Try and call her later and update me so I will know what our next plan will be
Me: OK boss
Me and Ttech was still gisting about Bblondon London when my phone rang. I checked it and it was a call from AY
Me: paddy me how far
AY : nothing much ooo, I just want to remind you about our mathematics day. It is next week Tuesday. Prepare ooo, make sure you bring Rose
Me: OK boss, where are you?
AY: am watching arsenal highlight match in front of my house. How far Ttech, have you heard from him
Me: he is here with me. We will reach your side this evening
AY: OK boss, am waiting for you guys.
AY hang up and me and my master planner continue with our gist.
Me: Ttech, if you see Bblondon A$$, the curve only is enough to cure a mad man. The girl bad Gan, the style she was using to sU-Ck my J0yst!ck, if she is sU-Cking it, my body will be shaking like someone electric is shocking.
Ttech: robish boy, better go and repent. That reminds me, you bleeped juliet that day without condom.
Me: yes
Ttech: I told you I don’t trust that girl, she is MTN ” everywhere you go”, so we will go and do test tomorrow to know if you have contacted it… So if something is wrong, we will fight it in time
Me: you no well, contact what?
Ttech: HIV nah
Me: nah you go contact HIV, if nah course back to sender.
Ttech: this one is not back to sender matter ooo, when you was bleep her, you was enjoying it.
Me: ( scared) test again, God what is all this, why did I bleep juliet self, God if you save me from this one, I will never bleep.
I was still praying to God when my phone rang. I checked it and it was from unknown number.
Me: hello, who is this
Caller: ( with calm and sweet voice) is me blessing
Me: which blessing?
Caller: we meet at the field the other day.
Me: blessing!!!!! My J0yst!ck stood immediately.

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