Me And Abimbola Episode 2

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I was still thinking when she did the worst. (***Chaiii, this girl nah fire,*** I taught) . She pull out my J0yst!ck and marsage it for about 7mins before she dipped the J0yst!ck inside her mouth and and sU-Ck it like there is know tomorrow. I was m0an!ng in low tempo in other not to attract people around. She sU-Ck me like 10 more minute. The only thing my brain is telling me that time Is Bleep, Bleep, Bleep. (*** chaiii, how I wan take bleep this girl now wey I no get condom, this is bad market ooo****). I was still thinking when she turned her back revealing those massive A$$ to me.
<<<< :p ):p>>>>>>
Immediately I saw the big booty, my J0yst!ck almost pull out. She held my J0yst!ck and she was about dipping it into her p—y when I held her hand. She turned and face me.
Blessing: Rely, why did you held hold my hand
Me: ( with konji voice), but there is no condom
Blessing: did I look like someone with HIV or AIDS.
Me: baby, is not like that, am afraid of flesh to flesh
Blessing: (kissed me like one minute). Nothing will happen Rely, shebi your name is Rely?
Me: yes, why do you ask?
Blessing: you have to rely on me, am clean and I will not give you any disease.
Me: OK baby.
She pulled my face down to her boobs,
( *** chaiiii this boobs nah one in a million, is too big, see as e swallow my face***) I taught. I sU-Ck her b—-t like 3 minute and she was m0an!ng on low tempo. She held one wooden table there and position her back for me ( D—-e style) so I can have a better penetration. As I was about to insert my d–k, my phone rang.

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