ME AND ABIMBOLA episode 19


Ttech: how will you get to your place. please wait for him, maybe something is holding him there. don’t go like that please
Bb: if is to beg for T.F in the bus stop I don’t mind.
She hanged up. Immediately I had her last statement tears dropped out from my eyes. I picked up my shirt and wore it, I was about going when Ttech ask me to wait for him to change. We both went outside and wave hand to a bike man. I saw Bblondon in front of my gate with her bag well packed and she was looking confused. I tried holding her hand which she refused and ask me not come near her. I begged her to stay that I promise to give her the money but she refused and insist on going. Ttech helped me and beg her but she didn’t agree to stay anymore. She made up her mind to go and I started following her at her back pleading at the same time but all my pleading fell on a deaf ear. Bb warned me not follow her again or she will disgrace me in the public. At that time I stop following her. As I was about to go back, she called me.
Bb: rely
Me: (with a surprise face and shock). I turned back and face her. She came close to me and give me a kiss
Me: (still surprise and lost) what for?
Bb: for everything. I love you so much, but you are playing with my heart. You think you are smart; but let me tell you, am smarter than you think.
Me: ( scared and dump) I was unable to ulter a word.
Bb: you started this game, am assuring you that I will not be the one to loose in this game.
Me: ( scared, dump and confused) ****game? Which game? What is she saying?****
Bb: all this things that you did to me. After all the s-x I gave you because I love you, you treated me like a goat.
Me: am sorry Bb, it not my fault. It is t….
Bb: ( she cut me out) you will pay in a hard way. I promise you
Me: ******yeeeeeeeh I finally have HIV ooo. Am dead****
Me: ( holding her hand) Bb please, am so sorry. Find a place in your heart and forgive me. It will never happen again.
Bb pushed my hand away and went away. I try to follow her but Ttech rushed an hold me. I stand and watch Bblondon until I couldn’t see her back again. I turned to Ttech
Me: tunji please I don’t want to see you again
Ttech: why? What did I do?
Me: you are the cause of all this, if not for you, all this won’t happen. If not for your advice all this won’t be happening.
Ttech: but I was doing it for your own sake
Me: ( pushed Ttech with force, which he Nealy fell inside gutter) did I ask for your help, don’t enter my house again. From here just be going to your house. In fact I don’t want to see you again. You are enemy of progress and a wicked person.
Ttech: I no you are upset, but calm down let’s figure out another plan.
Me : another plan? The one you planned how fruitful is it? Answer me
I went back to my place and Ttech followed me.
Me: I told you not follow me. I don’t want to see you. Is it by force?
Ttech: I can’t leave you like this. We must find solution together
Me: what solution
Me and tunji entered inside my house and he told me that he had Bblondon saying game. I told him everything Bb said and how she said I will pay in a hard way.
Ttech: leave that thing. She can’t do anything.
That’s an empty threat
Me: it better be ooo because am already scared
Ttech: no problem paddy me, nothing will happen, am here for you
Me: I will be back let me go inside and change
On get inside the room, I saw my picture album on the floor. I imagined what it was doing on the floor. Maybe Bb took a look at them before going. Meanwhile I had 30 pictures in total inside the album. So I decide to pick them from the floor, I counted the pictures it was 27 left. I checked my Waldrop but I couldn’t find the remaining 3,that was when I remembered what Bb said *** you will pay in a hard way***
Me: yeeeeeeee am finished


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