Me And Abimbola Episode 16

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☆☆I was about getting the bussers for her when my phone message tone beep. I took my phone and I open the message. It was a message from Ttech which says ” make sure you bleep her real hard”. I laugh while holding my J0yst!ck!. After she finished wearing the bussers, we decided to go out and stroll small before coming back for the last action movie. I was about locking my door when my phone rang. I checked it and it was a call from AYO.

Me: AY how far
AY : paddy me I dey ooo, abeg I need your help.
Me: anything for you bro
AY : please I need two condom. I don’t want to spend the money with me on condom
Me: where are you
AY: am almost at your place, I just pass that PARADISE BAR
Me: OK, my condom remain only two, but don’t worry, just be coming I will give u small change to buy it.
AY : you get mouth joor, what of Bblondon?
Me: she is here with me, you will meet her when you get here.

The call ended. I rushed inside to check if I can see any condom apart from my remaining two condom. I unpacked everything inside my wodrop and I succeeded in founding nothing so I decide to go out side and wait for Ayo to come. Me and Bblondon waited for 5mins and we didn’t see him. So I decided to call him when I had my name.

AY : Relykid
Me: paddy me, how far, who do you want to bleep this night
AY : you remember that small girl that was forming big girl because she gat big asset
Me: Damola?
AY : no nah
Me: who?
AY : faith
Me: seriously… That girl, chaiii I have been eyeing that girl since OO. Don’t mercy her ooo. Make sure you bleep her so hard, at least 13 styles


AY : trust me nah…somebody will cry this night.
Me: make sure you score more goals ooo
The gist continued when AY decided to go, I gave him 500 naira to purchase the condom. Me and Bblondon went out on our strolling. She requested heaven and earth ( rely buy this, rely buy that, rely buy suyar, rely buy film). We started going home around 10:22pm. We have gotten to a street close to my own street when I had a call from AY.
Me: hello AY, faith done run away?
AY: she don’t have the liver to do that nah
Me: kilode Gan
AY :I forgot to tell you that next week Tuesday is our mathematics day
Me: are you serious
AY: yes boss
Me: (***chaiii opportunity to f**k Rose***) omo I will call Rose now now to invite her.
AY: so you have not forget that girl?
Me: I never f**k her nah,I no fit forget her. For wetting nah.
Me: I must f**k her that day
AY: where will you stay and do that?
Me: inside the party nah. because I no she won’t agree to come home with me. So I will just bleep her sharp sharp during dancing time.
AY: bad guy, but don’t let people smell what is going on
Me: believe me bro, nah SOFT WORK
AY: relykid dah baaad guy, abeg I want to call Ttech and inform him.
Me: OK nah
The call ended. me and Bblondon started going home. People are not much on the road and everywhere was a little bit dark, so I started pressing and squeezing Bblondon A$$ as we are walking…
Bb: rely can’t you wait when we get home?
Me: ***my J0yst!ck perform Chinese get up immediately***
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