Me And Abimbola Episode 12

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☆☆Me: (***chisos…omo see free ticket***)
I moved my hand down to her pant immediately… I pushed her pant one side and tickle her k—y cat and she jingle out a low tempo m0an. I move my hand up and trace the hook on her bra. I opened it and sU-Ck her two boobs simultaneously while she kept on shouting“ooh yeee”.

My J0yst!ck was already braking apart inside my trouser. She bent down and loose my belt, she sU-Ck my J0yst!ck like never before. ( **** chaiii Bblondon still dey learn work ooo) she played with my two balls and sU-Ck them as if she hasn’t seen balls in last 3 years.


The konji to bleep her full over my body so I decided to bend her on a chair beside us in a d—-e style for easy penetration. Because of the konji to bleep her has full all over my body, I didn’t remember to collect condom from Ttech again. I inserted my J0yst!ck and she left out a m0an. I started digging in and out of her p—y. (*** chaiii this girl must be olosho, see as this hole big***). D—-e style lasted about 6 minutes when a call entered my phone and I check it, it was Bblondon.

 Rely what’s all this, is getting late.

 baby the ATM is no more dispensing cash, so am on my way to another ATM.

 please hurry, I don’t want to get home late, I have something important to do at home.

 (***ode, important koo, necessary ni, ogbeni park well jor, am coming back this night to bleep you hard***).


 OK love, I will soon get there. Bb: like when do you think you will be back

 mmm… Like around 5:30

 rely please help me, I don’t want to sleep here, beside your uncle will soon come back.

Me: nooo, you can sleep baby, my uncle traveled, u can stay as you want baby.

 am not sleeping over here. Do fast so I can go back.

Me: OK love

She dropped the call and I mounted my J0yst!ck back and bleep her in a d—-e style for like 3 more minutes when we decide to change style. I was surprise when she lifted one of her leg up, positioning on a “one leg up style” (*** omo I done jam s-x guru today***) I hold one of the leg that she carried up so she can stand very well. I jam my spoony inside her and she shouted out loud.

( *** oloshi u done dey enjoy am***)
One leg up lasted for 4minutes and she decided to su*ck me. she Su*cked me before she pushed me on the ground to give me woman ontop style. She sat on top my d!ck and dipped it into her p—y and she started going up and down while I was m0an!ng. Everything last for about 25 minutes before I c-m on her chest and she su*ch my J0yst!ck to dry it. (*** omo dis girl bad Gan***). We headed straight to the bathroom to take a bath. On getting there, she stood in front of the shower and I stood at her back. She positioned her booty direct to my J0yst!ck, immediately my J0yst!ck perform back flit and stood up. I bent her down to position in a d—-e style. I bleep her for like 9 minutes which we perform 3 more different styles. I was about tuning the shower on when I had my phone ringing tone, my mind was telling me it was Bblondon, so I decided to ignore it till will we finish bathing. After bathing we dressed up and entered the parlor together, so I picked my phone having in mind that it was Bblondon. I checked my miss call, behold it was my uncle … my heart started beating faster. I started having many taughts on my mind.(*** is this man back, and Bblondon is at home or did he call to check on me, God please save me ooo. this man can never meet Bblondon in that house cos if he do, am finished***) I was still lost in taught when I had a tap on my shoulder…


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