LYRICS : Vector & Jesse Jagz – SHOOK ONES

[Verse 1 – Jesse Jagz]
Bless, uh
I’m talking, five million cash a Nigerian
I’m practically chilling like the bachelor on TV now
Actually if you asking me Jagz a catastrophe
Assassin of any winner now
Six million notes in Nigeria
We soaked in the feeling make a toast to the ceiling
Pose like a villain shawty clothes are revealing
Controlling the feeling say she froze from the chilling

I move in and out two million now
A king bling like jewellery view kill em now
Your boobing about boob tube in the mouth
Ooo what we do on my couch clues in my house
Her booty bounce walk nude in my house
Squeeze two bullets out I don’t usually count
News been about tell me who’s been the loud
I view from a cloud in Jerusalem now

[Bridge – Jesse Jagz]
Girl come whine pon me
Slowly pon the car key
Naughty come and touch me
Pon me body girl come and fuck me
Girl come whine pon me
Pon the pantry spend time pon me
Girl whine pon the car key
Girl come and fuck me

[Verse 2 – Vector]
Uh you know
I’m a legend like my last name Kuti
I don’t give a dam, gbogbo wheyrey yiin ti sun mi
I know some GEEZ with the Cheeze meaning goons with the guns
And they all go with the K like CHUDI
Do the game for the money and your pleasure like a pornstar
Shine from the first day of the work, I’m a monster
See the wordplay, padi
Me dey kill am on a contrary
To the lies you all see
On your television, that’s all pr

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The highest in this elevation, that’s all we are
Shawty give me sweet reason
She got that skull candy
And she didn’t even meet lord TR
I swear down
This lines of mine are
Lines for, minds like, Wole Soyinka
Mine shine, I dey blind eye
Told you not to play here ‘cos we don’t like noise
This is not the Neverland Ranch we don’t like boys
Lafiaji no dey shame ma lo goke
Wa ni ki fi le sa ru eh mo ti mu hoke
Oru ko mi kakri, gbeni kpe wo hoke
Freestyle in bars like, I can go all year

[Outro – Jesse Jagz]
I say girl your body bad oh
She fucking with the Jag
But she know she want to tag me
When she a fucking only all me
She give me all the badness
She steady fucking with the madness
Fumbi I say she wan the artist
She feel me hardness
She say me Jag is Jag is

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