LYRICS: Travis Scott – A man

[Intro: Playboi Carti]
Yeah, like
Niggas be actin’ like act like
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Only dirty South gonna fuck with this
You hear this shit boy?
Fucking up these stages
Fucking a girl up and you know how I rap
Throw this shit up, nigga

People tryna say I’m only into me
Got a code with my dawgs, can’t get in between
I can’t give them life, no more energy
Man, man, a man

Spent ’bout sixty on the time, I can’t even lie
No way in, no way out, this shit do or die
So I roll, when I roll, must be suicide
A man, man, man (yeah!)
I can’t rock Benz, I don’t do peace (yeah!)
I’ll beast, I’ll beast, I gotta eat (it’s lit!)
Sabertooth tiger, diamond two-teeth (straight up!)
Rocking right now, won’t you come peek (alright!)
P was outside, P was outside (P!)
The way that ass shake, leave your mouth wide
You need to say grace ‘fore you say thanks (yeah!)
A man, man, man (yeah!)
What’s left in my life? Don’t know what’s in store
I’ve been dealing with these blessings that I can’t ignore (can’t ignore!)
Putting up the numbers, we ain’t keeping score
Man, man, a man
I get on the block with it on my side
Running in the house ‘fore it’s twelve o’clock (yeah!)
Yeah, the hood love me but you gotta watch
Man, man, a man (yeah!)
I just popped three, I don’t do sleep, yeah
Tryna shoot a scene, make a movie (straight up!)
We ‘gone fall thru, coming thru deep (it’s lit!)
Man, man, a man (yeah!)
Packed up from the South, moved into the West
Iced out logo on the cross, threw it on my neck, yeah
When I rep the set, gotta stay blessed, yeah
Man, man, a man

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People tryna say I’m only into me
Gotta code with my dawgs, can’t get in between
I can’t give them life, no more energy
Man, man, a man

Man, fuck what it meant to me
Everybody tryna take that identity
Everybody around me turned to a fr-enemy
Sit back while I sip on the remedy
I cannot let it get into me
It’s playing a toll on me, mentally

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