LYRICS: Rick Ross – She On My D*ck Remix


–Intro: Bruno Mali–
Maybach Music
Slide, hoe, watch this
I’m drippin’ dressin’ on these hoes, nigga
Get your bitch, nigga
She gettin’ real friendly, nigga
Talk to these niggas

–Verse 1: Meek Mill–
Richest nigga in the city so she on my d1ck
Shawty know she fuck me good and like she caught a lick
My daughters took that for the feds, went and bought a brick
Said welcome back, gave ’em some keys on some reporter shit, woah
Whippin’ the white, we might just ran through a brick in the night
Give ’em a price, Lord a number when he flip it twice
Still in the trap, bitch on her back while I’m out for a bite
I’m on some shit, these niggas ain’t lit, I give ’em a life, woah
She on my d1ck, she on my d1ck
Got that word, that pussy good now she on my list
Rose Patek, look like duck sauce on my wrist
Young nigga, Bentley trucks parked on my strip
Standin’ on the corner like I’m King Kong
And [?] stop with that .40, playin’ ding dong
And back and forth, ain’t no rappers like ping pong
She fuck Rozay, she on my d1ck, we sing the same song, woah

–Chorus: Rick Ross–
She on my d1ck, she on my d1ck (woo)
She on my d1ck, she on my d1ck (woo)
She seen my moves, she on my d1ck (woo)
The richest nigga, yeah, she on my d1ck (woo)

–Verse 2: Young Dolph–
I used to torture, gave him back his life
He got it wrong if he think I’ma fight him
War cries on all on my lil’ homies homicidal
300 soldiers like I’m Leonidas
I flips them yams and gave my man a Merci
We pop them bottles every night like it’s our anniversary
Hot in Dade County, they gon’ try to stretch him
One APB and they’ll apply the pressure
I know them hot boys, she say I’m the coolest
That coolin’ kid’ll have that chopper coolin’
I took a 50k right to my jewler
Even though a nigga got it, I be actin’ Jewish
No Master P, they got me feelin’ foolish
She hold my d1ck, I let my gangster bitch hold down my toolie
Yeah, she got potential so I had to school her
I text her papi, he send me my moolah

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–Chorus: Rick Ross–
She on my d1ck, she on my d1ck (woo)
She on my d1ck, she on my d1ck (woo)
She on my d1ck, she on my d1ck (woo)
Richest nigga in the city, she on my d1ck (woo)

–Verse 3: Bruno Mali–
I tried to spread the bitch but she on my d0ck
Told her jump up in this whip, come and drive a stick
I might buy a purse, I might pay her rent
She a all-star, first round draft pick
She call me at the gas station pumpin’ gas
I pulled up at the Chev, run up, drop off a couple bags
Fish tailin’ off the lot with somebody’s thot
When she met me, I was in a drop countin’ guap
Said she fantasize ’bout a real trap nigga
She on my di9ck so hard, she came before I put it in her
Ha, young, rich, black, trap nigga
With a fuckin’ 7 figures
A huncho on my wrist
Pull up in the whip with the shit and blow your bitch a kiss
All of this ice on me make it hard for you to miss
Every time you see me, look like I just hit a lick, woah

–Chorus: Rick Ross–
She on my d*ck, she on my d*ck (woo)
She on my d*ck, she on my d*ck (woo)
She on my d*ck, she on my d8ck (woo)
Richest nigga in the city, she on my d*ck (woo)

–Verse 4: Rick Ross–
Rims stackin’ on the rear, album of the year
If I want to see her, well then here come the lear
Clear the runway and double in [?]
The baddest bitches only ones that come to see us
Jewels every every day, I’m burnin’ loud (that’s me)
On the top floor and I’m the biggest earnin’ now (that’s me)
Shittin’ on these niggas, Tweet, see ’em in the streets
I’m only talkin’ money so we rarely speak
I got the bitch a buzz and she fell in love
Now she climbin’ out the deck, fuckin’ with a thug
Had my skully on when I fuck her in the tub
Dirty money, buy Chevys, only one I love
She love it how I’m livin’, such a wise decision
In the history books, never in my feelin’s
Pussy wet enough, I think I got her drippin’
Still on my lap, I could count a million

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–Chorus: Rick Ross–
She on my d8ck, she on my d*ck (woo)
She on my d*ck, she on my d*ck (woo)
She on my d8ck, she on my d*ck (woo)
Richest nigga in the city, she on my d*ck (woo)

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