LYRICS: Meek Mill – Heavy Heart

–Verse 1–
So many people crossed me, I don’t know where to start
Uh, that bitch left me with a heavy heart
Yeah, still on them papers, they won’t let me off
Never thought we’d make it out the ghetto, now look where we are
Fucking famous bitches and that pussy taste like caviar
I done gave these niggas everything and that was from the heart
Rollie, chain, every car, all they did was left me scarred
Heard my dog talk behind my back and I’m like let him talk
I won’t say his name but he gone feel this shit in every bar
Feel this shit in all my verses
Was it really worth it
Cut the grass and all the snakes gone surface
Nobody’s perfect
Shawty bad, she kinda made me nervous
Maybe I’m trippin’
Hoping this paranoia from all this shit that we been in
Burned you with gasoline, burned out all of your bridges
Nigga, you suck at friendships, something you got to live with
Fuck it!



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