LYRICS: Chief Keef – Grab A Star

Headphone nobody calls me(ohhh mannn) call me

Hook- Mike Will say i got trust issues
i be feeling like hazeus
She wants me to be her man
I can’t baby i’ll break you
baby I can not lie to you
I’ll be cuffin if were you
i’m the one but you might be the two
I’m not that relieable
call me we can pull off skrr skrr skrr skrr
smoking that I lala lala lala
give me that aye yeye yeye yeye
call me we can pull off right now right now now
and when the top starts to drop
you can look in the sky and grab a star(bang)

verses- ouu my car so retarded
the bitch just farted pull up
like skrt v.i.p access Ian gotta
park it all the doc told me know
all my na’s never fail the target
and I’m sippin but I can’t stop I can be hard
head bitch said she like’s my gucci suit
but Ian no Rudy tudy(NO) Don’t wanna talk
to the sun Nomo (nope)

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